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11 May 2008

In Praise of the Glock 20

Okay, I'm a firearms enthusiast. There was a time when one could use the term "gun nut" without risking a federal investigation, but those days are long gone.

I won't get into the debate of whether a cryptid should be killed (just yet). But when I venture into the deep woods, I'm packing some heat. In addition to monsters, there are more mundane (and arguably more dangerous) threats out there.

Depending on one's area of operations, the risk of encountering a dangerous animal will vary. If your out looking for a phantom black panther or alien big cat, an indigenous puma or mountain lion may just be looking for you. Not to mention the ubiquitous snakes, and in some areas, bears.

Plus, there's always the risk of encountering the most dangerous predator of all, man. While moonshining isn't the big business it once was, today, a more likely threat stems from the pot growers and meth lab operators. Hunters and forest rangers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers these criminal types pose. From armed guards to deadly booby traps, the backwoods explorer faces a real danger from a predator of the two-legged variety.

My "piece of mind" is usually in the form of my customized Glock 20 10mm. Fitted with a stainless match grade 6" Lone Wolf barrel, steel guide rod, 20 lb spring and a recoil buffer, this piece, when stoked with Double Tap Ammo's 230gr hardcast load at 1120 fps, packs almost as much punch as a .44mag. Plus, it's lighter and more compact than my .44mag Redhawk, offers a 15 shot capacity, and the recoil is easily managed. I stagger my mags with DT's 200gr Controlled Expansion Hollowpoint @ 1250fps. These two loadings offer 641 & 694 ft/lbs or muzzle energy, respectively.

If I lived in bear country, I'd pack something with more power (like, as much as I could handle!).

While I own several long guns and handguns, the G20 is my "go-to" gun for a couple of reasons beyond those mentioned.

Suppose you encounter a forest ranger or law encorcement officer. Running around the woods at night with a hunting rifle and night vision gear, or riding along forest roads with a spotlight on your vehicle and a shotgun at your side could get you pegged as a suspected poacher. OTOH, the Glock 20, while offering magnum-level power, doesn't scream "hunting handgun" the way a big revolver does. I have a CCW permit, and I'm carrying a defensive handgun. The fact that it can take game up to deer or hogs (or bigfoot or panther) is just a bonus.
Of course, always comply with federal, stare, & local laws, and never carry a gun without proper training.
And since I touched on the subject of shooting bigfoot, apparently it happens more often than we think:

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