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05 May 2008

"It sounded like a woman screaming"...

Anyone who's read enough about mystery animals, monsters, and cryptids will find this phrase popping up in witness accounts time and time again. The sound of a woman's scream has been attributed to or associated with: Bigfoot (and other hairy unknown bipeds), the Loch Ness Monster (and other lake monsters), Thunderbirds, the Mothman, the Jersey Devil, certain accounts of Black Panthers, Black Dogs, the Shug Monkey, and the many variations of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, werewolves, and on and on.
I've been wondering if there's some connection between the sound and the creatures. In his book "Three Men Seeking Monsters", Nick Redfern describes creatures called "Cormons". Entities from another world or dimension who enter our world through some sort of gateway or window. Cormons literally feed on fear, and may in fact create a "fear field" of sorts around them. If a being is dependent on fear, could it not develop a talent for instilling it? The sound of a woman screaming is pretty much universally guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. If heard by a female, the witness immediately identifies with the "victim". If heard by a male, our natural protective instincts kick in.
Or, let's suppose the cause and effect are being confused. If certain creatures are some sort of interdimensional being, it means that they must pass through some sort of window or doorway to enter our world. Could the sound be the key that opens the doorway? Sort of a cosmic "Open, Sesame"? I doubt it. I'm pretty sure that in the course of experimentation with sound waves our scientists have reproduced every conceivable frequency, timbre, and volume level imaginable, with no bizarre results. (that we know of, anyway!)
If the sound isn't the cause, perhaps it's an effect? When a jet or rocket breaks through the sound barrier, it produces the familiar "sonic boom", shaking the windows and rattling the walls in the immediate vicinity. Could it be that when an interdimensional entity or mystery animal crosses the line, a sound is produced that, to our ears, sounds like a woman screaming?

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