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24 May 2008

M.K. Davis and the Patterson Film Controversy...

Okay, unless you've been out in the Gobi searching for the Mongolian Death Worm, or in the heart of the Congo seeking out Mokele Mbembe, you're aware of the uproar over M.K.Davis's announcement at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, and the internet buzz regarding "The Bluff Creek Massacre"(and coverup), "Patty was shot" (or shot at), "Patty is human", "Patty had a braid" and whatever else has popped up in the last few minutes.
Since everybody else in the cryptozoology/bigfoot community has been chiming in, choosing sides, and taking shots, I'm sure you're all wondering what my take is.
Let me clarify that I wasn't at the conference. All the info I have is secondhand. I don't know Davis or any of the others involved. I don't have a dawg in this race or any axes to grind.
First: The whole Bluff Creek Massacre. The jury's still out as far as I'm concerned. I haven't seen one bit of supportave evidence. Did it happen? Could it have happened? Are/were those involved the kind of people who could wipe out an entire clan, discover that they had just killed a family of humans, keep the whole incident quiet and cover it up for fifty freakin' years? I doubt it, and even if it did happen, it doesn't really effect present-dat cryptozoology, does it? I'll leave that whole matter to the cryptozoological equivalent of Oliver Stone or the Warren Commission.
Second: Was Patty shot? No. No. No. After watching the enhanced footage time and again, I see nothing to indicate a shot. (unless the Patterson party was packing Daisy Red Ryder BB guns, even then, the "bullet wound" and the creature's reaction just don't bear it out) Anyone who thinks Patty was shot in the leg while being filmed obviously has never shot anything. A shot from even a .22cal rifle would evoke a more serious reaction, even from a Sasquatch-sized creature.
Third: Does Patty have a ponytail or braid? From what I've seen, my opinion is that it's a case of seeing what one wants to see. It could be a braid or ponytail, it could also be a length of darker colored hair, similar to the "marked hominids". Hey, some people look at the P/G film and see an actual creature, and some look at the same film and see a guy in a suit.
And finally, the "Declaration" that Patty was human. I'm sorry, but there's just no way to make such a statement based on the film.
In closing, to give credit where it's due, Davis's work at enhancing and stabilizing the film should be recognized for the great work that it is. The time and dedication devoted to this project alone should be recognized and respected by the "community".

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