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31 May 2008

You don't find monsters, monsters find YOU.

Okay, I'll admit I'm guilty of watching MonsterQuest and Destination Truth, as well as any other Cryptozoological or paranormal themed show from time to time. And while I don't pretend to be an expert tracker or all-knowing authority on how to conduct a scientific expedition, some of what I see just strikes me as wrong. If we consider what we know about extant animals, what we THINK we know about certain cryptids, and the historical accounts of paranormal events, my personal thoughts are that some of today's seekers of weirdness are off base.
Whether we're talking about a BF encounter, a run-in with another cryptid, a pesky poltergeist, a UFO/alien incident, or any other Fortean event, the fact is that such things are rare. They happen to the unprepared, the bystander, the person minding their own business. Some soul walking in the woods, a driver on a deserted stretch of country road, or (even more rarely) a town full of mystified onlookers.
IOW, such events can't be predicted, they can't be coaxed into happening, you can't make them come to you.
If BF is an undiscovered primate, he's an undiscovered NEW WORLD primate. He doesn't speak gibbon or gorilla, so blasting calls of creatures from the other side of the world are more likely to spook than attract. Same goes for scent "lures". Pheremones are species-specific, a 'possum in heat isn't going to draw rabbits. And yes, BF and certain other cryptids do seem to display some curiousity, but they also shun man and remain notoriously elusive. I seriously doubt that hanging CDs from branches to sway in the breeze is going to draw one in. (Isn't this same trick used to DRIVE AWAY deer, birds, and garden pests?)
And, given most creatures sense of smell, is it REALLY a good idea to plant trail cams all over the woods, spreading human scents far and wide?
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