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No, there isn't. That's why I'm here...

28 June 2008

The Gummerwagon, My Research Vehicle

Here's a few shots of the Jeep, my Paranormal Research Vehicle.
2007 Jeep Commander Limited Hemi, Quadradrive II 4x4 system, skid plates, tow hooks, buncha neat factory options.
I've added the dash cam, additional front mounted video monitor for video playback and remote camera monitoring, a pair of Optronics remote-controlled spotlights (can be independently aimed from inside, great for illuminating the side of the road or low-flying aerial phenomena, I can control one and my lingerie or miniskirt-clad assistant can control the other), a mutiband police scanner (for intercepting reports, I've also programmed it with Forest Service frequencies), and of course, a shrunken zombie head.
You may also notice the maps of the local forest in the door panel pocket.
I'm also installing some items in the rear for a comortable sleeping compartment.
Future mods will include a light bar and more lights, a mild lift, more aggressive tires, and a cargo rack. Despite being the biggest vehicle Jeep has produced, it still suffers from the age-old Jeep dilemma of carrying either passengers, or carrying stuff but not at the same time.

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