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17 June 2008

More Thoughts On Bigfoot "Humanity"

"Patty is human"- M.K. Davis

"Marcel said, 'Haw! Don't let that thing outta that cage! He looks too much like FOLKS to be gettin' outta there!'"- Jerry Clower- "The Coon Huntin' Monkey"

"I couldn't shoot, it looked too human"- credited to numerous Bigfoot witnesses-

While reading up on the latest in the whole "Patty is human/Bluff Creek Massacree" deal, I remembered the above lines, as well as recalling my reaction when I first saw a picture of the famous "Oliver the Chimp", aka the "Humanzee".

I've already stated my position on Davis's findings regarding Patty's alleged human-ness, and I see no point in even discussing the Bluff Creek Bigfoot Massacree, but I've had that image of Oliver in my mind. The first time I saw it, I couldn't shake the feeling that this was no ordinary chimp. Aside from Oliver's appearance, it just looks to me like there's something going on behind those eyes. While science has determined that Oliver is indeed just a chimp, in that picture he looks "too human". If I had that face in my sights, I couldn't pull the trigger, either.
Bigfoot, or Patty, may truly be just taxonomically challenged primates, but to follower's of Davis's theory and in the minds of many witnesses, they look "too much like FOLKS".

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