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03 June 2008

A picture is worth...what?

(And no, this isn't about the Bushnell Bigfoot Trailcam Contest!)

The Loveland Frogmen. The Dover Demon. The Mothman. The Wisconsin Roadkill-eating Dogman. The NC Lizardman. Numerous Bigfoot, UFO, and Jersey Devil encounters. What do these have in common? They all happened to people driving along in their cars on a lonely stretch of road. They also have no photo documentation. With that in mind, I recently ordered one of these neat little gizmos.

A dashboard mounted mini video recorder. AKA "The Roadkill Cam". If I have a brush with the unknown, at least I'll have some form of documentation. Granted, in these days of YouTube, Photoshop, and digitally-manipulated hoax images, a video may not be worth much. Even after verification by professionals and experts, people disbelieve what they want to disbelieve. But at least a good picture is better than a sketch drawn from a description, and it would elevate the incident from "all in the head" or "completely fabricated" status to at least "maybe something did happen?" territory.

So, when I venture forth in search of the unknown, I'll derive a little bit of security knowing "little brother" is riding with me.

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