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07 June 2008

"Spotlight On The Patterson Gimlin Film"

I got a chance to view this documentary the other night. This is the documentary in which M.K. Davis declares that "Patty" is some form of human. Not a human in a suit, mind you, but a creature of the genus Homo.
Davis arrived at this conclusion after viewing the stabilized and enhanced Patterson-Gimlin film. He states that Patty's "sagittal crest" is in fact a topknot, that Patty's hair is in a ponytail, and there is a braid visible on one side. He also shows enhanced shots of her face, and states that it is much more human than simian in appearance. And there is another shot which shows Patty carrying, then dropping a stick. Davis believes this is in fact a tool used for digging.
In summary, Patty demonstrates qualities which hint at some form of culture or custom, and is therefore some kind of human. Davis honestly and sincerely believes in his evidence and conclusions, and I got no sense that he was in any way trying to pull off a con, or to arouse controversy for controversy's sake.
And now, my personal thoughts:
The braid:
I didn't see a braid. It is stated in the documentary that the herringbone or plaiting is visible. I didn't see it. Maybe it was visible in the original, but on my DVD it looked more like a dreadlock. Dreadlocks are formed when long hair becomes dirty and matted. So, the braid didn't do anything to convince me.
The ponytail:
Again, I didn't see a convincing image. It IS obvious that the hair on Patty's head is darker than the body hair, and it's quite long. But I didn't see evidence the it had been manipulated into a ponytail. There have been other Bigfoot sightings in which the creature had long hair, and sometimes of a different color than the body hair.
The topknot:
This was pretty interesting. The enhanced footage demonstrates that Patty's "sagittal crest" is in fact a topknot of hair. There are a couple of images where it is clearly blowing in the wind. But I saw no artificial means of holding it there or evidence that it was intelligently manipulated into a topknot. While Patty's skull being more rounded than previously thought may upset the Gigantopithicus crowd, it still doesn't spell human to me. Chimps have rounded heads also.
The face:
There are some nice enhanced images of Patty's face, showing the shape of the nose and lips, and the position of the ear. These do indeed appear more human than apelike, but, if Patty/Bigfoot is an unknown species, or the "missing link", the facial structure itself isn't sufficient evidence. There is also a nice scene of Patty turning her head and neck, as opposed to the more common scene of the creature turning from the shoulders, indicating that the neck can indeed rotate. But that still doesn't equal "human" in my book.
What about the use of a tool?
Davis compares the object Patty carries and drops to a tool used by Aboriginal peoples for digging. I find it hard to believe that the researchers who flocked to Bluff Creek after the sighting would have missed something like that. If it was just a stick, again, apes in the wild routinely use sticks as digging tools.
So, in summary, Davis doesn't make his case for me personally. I believe HE believes in his findings, and others may also, and that's just fine. It's a big cryptoworld. My biggest disappointment in the documentary is that there wasn't enough of the enhanced film.
One thing I can say for certain, after watching "Spotlight...", I think the whole guy-in-a-suit crowd should have second thoughts.

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df said...

I think this a excellent example of not seeing the forest thru the trees...its obviously authentic. .