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25 June 2008

Thunderbird Sighting!

Anybody up for a "classic" Thunderbird sighting? Earlier this evening, I was out on my porch watching the sky. A storm system was moving in and I was just looking at the clouds.
I saw a really big bird circling overhead. At first, I thought it was just a buzzard, but then I realized how high it was, and it still looked huge. I won't pretend I can estimate wingspin, size, or altitude.
Where the bird was circling, there was a hole in the clouds with a sunbeam shining through. I watched it for about ten minutes, as it circled and climbed higher and higher. It was gliding the majority of the time, only slowly flapping its wings a couple of times during the entire sighting. I debated about grabbing a video camera since, A: Past experience has taught me that no matter how long I observe something, if I go to get a camera, it's gone when I get back, and B: Since there wouldn't be any object in the shot to provide a size reference, any video wouldn't be of much value.
But, finally I ran in to grab the video camera, hoping maybe the zoom would reveal some details of the creature. When I got back out, sure enough, it was gone.
From my porch, I have a really wide field of view of the sky. If the bird had gone anywhere else but into or above the clouds, it would have been easy to spot again.
I kept watching the clouds pass over until the rain and lightening started, but it never re-emerged.
A popular theory is that Thunderbirds (whatever they may be), use the strong air currents ahead of thunderstorms to provide lift and propulsion to migrate along a North-South migratory route. I'm in North Alabama, it's Summer, and this big bird was headed North.
So, there you have it. A completely unsupported, unverifiable account of a possible cryptid. Typical, huh?

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m.hallmark said...

I saw one of these things back in the seventies in alabama, blount county and it was only about forty feet overhead. I'll never forget it and if things like this are out there what else is? I thought is was a plane or hang glider from the shadow it cast on my yard.