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01 June 2008

Tips and ideas for Cryptid Hunting

With the popularity of cryptozoology and paranormal themed tv shows, there has been an increase in the number of societies, groups, and interested parties who are beginning to enter the area of field investigations. And why not? It's fun, and if you're interested in such things, go for it. But, don't take everything you see on tv to seriously, or mistake some of the escapades undertaken by some groups or individuals for the ideal way to go about things.
Everybody has their own opinion, and since we're not talking about rocket science here, there is plenty of room for different methods and techniques. But, IMO, some are more valid than others.
Remember, when it comes to paranormal investigation, everything we "know" is in reality nothing more than theory and speculation. Even in the field of cryptozoology, where most investigators seek to distance themselves from the paranormal fringe and concentrate strictly on the laws of biology and the "flesh and blood" approach, there's only so much we can really know about a particular creature until one is captured, killed, or can be observed in habitat for proper study.
Since I seem to be stuck on Bigfoot lately, I'll use a "Bigfoot Hunt" as an example.
Rule 1: Keep it simple, keep it small. Sure, it would be nice to have unlimited funds, the latest high-tech equipment, and a nice base camp with all the comforts of home.
The reality is, most of us are on a budget one way or another, our time in the woods is limited by our work and family obligations, and a book or documentary deal isn't a high probability.
My advice: Go alone or with one other person.(If it's a safe area that you know well, go alone. If it's new territory, take someone with you who knows the area) Since BF appear to be curious, yet shy, a big crowd of people at a well-lit campsite will most likely keep them at a distance. If you've read up on past sightings, you'll note that most of them involve one or two people, "mass sightings" just don't happen. As I said before, you don't find BF, BF finds you. Let him. Think about it, if you were going after a trophy buck, would you let a dozen or so friends tromp along the woods with you? And while night vision equipment, multiple remote video cameras, and shotgun mikes are nice, they're not essential. Other gimmicks, such as thermal imagers (useless in dense woods, if you're very lucky, you'll get some footage of an unidentifiable blob) or camera traps (which so far haven't produced any useful evidence, and in some cases are mysteriously destroyed) are all but useless. That $6000.00 for a thermal camera would pay for a lot of time in the forest living in a tent!
And forget everything we "know" about BF. We don't really know 'squatch. :D A lot of researchers limit their investigations to working around a particular theory or idea. We don't KNOW that BF is nocturnal. We don't KNOW that BF is attracted to gorilla calls. We don't KNOW that BF can be lured in by chimpanzee vaginal scrapings, wintergreen oil, baboon urine, or any other "lures" that have been tried.
What we DO know, is that BF encounters are totally unexpected and unpredictable.
In short, be quiet, stay dark, and be prepared for anything.

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