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05 July 2008

Arrogance? You Bet!

I posted before about certain groups or individuals in the Paranormal/Cryptozoological fields who seem to be possessed of a certain elitism or arrogance. Lisa Shiel wrote an excellent series of posts on her Backyard Phenomena blog a while back about the same thing. It got me to thinking. Perhaps this field attracts individuals whose personalities may be interpreted as a bit on the arrogant side.
Consider the following:

"Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen"

Some of us became interested in offbeat studies due to some type of personal experience. Hearing the voice of a departed relative, seeing a UFO, Bigfoot, or other unknown creature, persistent deja vu, or any number of occurances of what Charles Fort would term "Damned" phenomena.
I suppose some people think that those who have had a Paranormal experience may feel superior, or gifted, or chosen. Nevermind that the majority of those who've experienced such phenomena would rather it never happened to them. Especially when they feel they are at the mercy of forces beyond their control.

"What Makes YOU So Special?"

Face it, some of the questions and issues we ponder have been around as long as mankind has existed. What happens after death? Can we reach the "other side"? Are there beings and forces outside our senses?
The odds are none of us involved in the world of paranormal research will find the answers. But still, our curiosity keeps us going. Is it arrogant or elitist to believe that maybe, just maybe, we can find the answers that have eluded some of history's greatest minds? I suppose some people would think so.
Nevermind that most of us seeking the answers freely admit that we spend a lot of time just groping in the dark (Ooo! Double entendre! Can't make a post without one!)or bemoaning the fact that we can't get travel points for out constant trips back to Square One.

"The Truth Is Out There, YOU Can't Handle The Truth, But I Can"

This is the domain of the Conspiracy Theorist. Somebody knows the answers to our questions, but they're keeping them hidden from all but a select few. Whether it's the Government, the Freemasons or Templars, the Vatican, the Trilateral Commission, etc who are zealously guarding the truth about UFOs, Sasquatch, Nessie, Dimensional Doorways or Real Ultimate Power, the philosophy of the Conspiracy Theorist is that the truth is being hidden because the masses are incapable of accepting or comprehending it. We've all heard the stories. If the Government revealed what they know about aliens, religion would crumble, society would implode, and there's be rioting in the streets. "People couldn't handle the truth!" But those of us engaged in the study of weirdness are confident that WE could. Again, it's easy for others to mistake this curiosity for arrogance or a sense of moral and intellectual supeiority.
(and wouldn't it be the greatest cosmic joke of all if The Truth were revealed and it freaked US all out as well?)
What some people would refer to as arrogance is almost a job requirement for this field, right up there with a thick skin and a sense of humor.

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