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08 September 2008

"Hunt The Dogman"

I recently viewed John Johnsen and Barton Nunnely's documentary "Hunt The Dogman". If you thought Wisconsin and Michigan held the franchise on werewolf-like creatures, this dvd will make you think twice (at least!)
HTD investigates a series of canine/lupine cryptid encounters in Kentucky. Including the Spottsville Monster and the Beast of The Land Between The Lakes region.
I found the accounts of the LBL creature particularly interesting. If you've read Linda Godfrey's works, you'll immediately recognize the pattern of sightings taking place in heavily-wooded areas, near large bodies of water, and in the vicinity of Indian burial mounds.
But wait, there's more!
The LBL region was taken over by the TVA in order to construct a dam. TVA dams are built, if not directly by, certainly under the supervision of, the US Army Corp of Engineers. So what, you say? Read on...
While investigating the LBL area, the team discovered a series of underground concrete bunkers. The bunkers were built with no way in or out, covered with shingled roofs at ground level, for no discernable purpose. What are they? Their very design and construction reveals that they are NOT septic tanks, root cellars, or bomb shelters. (even in the days of "duck and cover", nobody would build a bomb shelter with a shingled roof!)
I pondered on this for a while, and then I recalled another famous cryptid, the celebrated Mothman of Point Pleasant. The Mothman frequented an area known as the "TNT Area", an abandoned wartime explosives factory. The TNT Area is dotted with large concrete domes, or igloos, ostensibly built for the storage of explosives.(and quite frankly that makes perfect sense to me)
BUT, here we have TWO areas (TNT Area and LBL) that at one time were under the control of the federal government (or at least their contractors), under the auspices of the military, with a series of concrete structures, and with mysterious creatures hanging aroun both of them.
Makes me wonder...
Like his other documentaries (Keeping the Watch and Spotlight on The Patterson Film) Johnsen goes about his task with no agenda. He presents the witnesses and lets the viewer decide.
This can't be said for so many of the documentaries produced today. *cough*MichaelMoore*cough!*

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