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11 January 2009

When Size DOES Matter

Hey there! Anybody miss me? (cue cricket chirps) Anyway, things have been pretty quiet on the monster front (unless you want me to post a couple of "went to X, had fun, found nothing" posts), so I thought I'd share a little more gun porn.
A few months ago I picked up a piece I've been "needing" for a long time. It's perfect for the monster-hunting gun nut with a passion for overkill.
Pictured is my new Magnum Research BFR (Biggest Finest Revolver) chambered in .45-70 Government ("the only Government I trust!"). I already have a Marlin 1895 lever gun in the same caliber, so it makes for a nice companion piece and also helps spread out the high cost of ammo. 45-70 is a really versatile caliber, with a range of loadings from the "cowboy" or "trapdoor safe" loads all the way up to offerings from Corbon, Buffalo Bore, and Garrett that can take anything that walks (or MAY walk) the earth. Some of these loads have the documented ability to kill two water buffalo with one shot, or to penetrate a hippo lengthwise.
With typical factory ammo, it's a pure joy to shoot while still packing plenty of wallup. The heavier loads are also fun, but I have to make myself quit shooting before I develop a case of flinches.
It's also a BIG gun. The "little" revolver in the pic is a 5 1/2" barrelled Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum. The BFR makes it look like a hideout or backup piece!
My experience with the BFR (which I have named "Pu**ycakes") poses an important question: Can a man love a gun TOO much?

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