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08 March 2009

Bigfoot/UFO Sighting

From the UFO's Over Alabama website comes this account of a combination UFO and Hairy Hominid sighting (this sighting occurred the day before my birthday!).
Interestingly, it also happened near the town of Wadley. Wadley seems to be an area of frequent weirdness. UFOs, Bigfoot, old Indian curses, sacred mounds, ghost towns, hauntings, not to mention some of the FINEST Southern ladies you'll ever see!
I'm beginning to feel a road trip is in order!
Again, this sighting took place in an area near the famous Troup-Heard Corridor, a region of frequent UFO activity, black helicopter sightings, and yes, Bigfoot reports.


Paranormal Investigator Howie said...

wow, that's quite the paranormal jackpot!

Gummerfan said...

Yep! I'm hoping to make it down there this summer for a few days. I'm stating to feel "drawn" to it like Close Encounters or something.