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01 March 2009

A Couple of Book Recommendations

Just finished a couple of crypto-books which I consider "required reading". The first was the classic "Alien Animals" by Janet and Colin Bord. It's a hard to find out of print book, but it's one of the best books on the subject of cryptozoology/mystery creatures. Includes chapters on lake monsters, "BHM"'s (Big Hairy Monsters, like Bigfoot, Sasquatch), mysterious big cats, weird winged creatures, and a wealth of material on Black Dogs.
Another good read is "White Things: West Virginia's Weird White Monsters", by Kurt McCoy. The author recounts tales of mysterious white creatures encountered throughout WV. From smaller badger-type creatures to white-haired Bigfoot types. Other than offering a few possible explanations for the phenomena, the author doesn't really put forth any strong opinions or theories. As is the case with most unexplained phenomena, McCoy freely admits that when it comes to White Things, we just don't know.
This book is avaiable on Ebay.

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