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No, there isn't. That's why I'm here...

25 March 2009

Gummerfan Exposed!

This past weekend I went out of town for a little R&R. After more than a few margaritas & rum drinks,(the hotel offers free drinks from 5:30 to 7:30, so I consider that a personal challenge) I went to bed Friday night. Saturday morning, after several Starbuck's Doubleshots, I went down to the hotel pool for a swim.
Afterwards, I put on a t-shirt before returning to my room on the ninth floor. I took off my wet swim trunks and looked for a place to hang them to dry. I saw some hangers by the window and decided to hang them up there. I walked over to the window and reached up to get a hanger, when suddenly I realized that: I was on the ninth floor of the hotel, the curtains were wide open, and I had yet to put on any pants.
I made a quick retreat and hoped I hadn't subjected the good citizenry to a view of my "wherewithal".
I don't know which is more embarassing, the fact that I inadvertently flashed an entire city, or the fact that apparently nobody noticed. BUT, just in case anyone witnessed my accidental exposure, please understand two things:
1: My upshirt shot was completely unintentional
2: (and even more important) Remember, I said I had been swimming, so there may have been some...shrinkage.

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