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04 March 2009

Why I Don't "DO" Ghosts...

Sure, I enjoy "Ghost Hunters" and "GHI". I also watch "Paranormal State" and the occassional "Most Haunted".
I'm also a member of a local paranormal group, thou I don't participate in any ghost investigations.
So, why not? If I'm intersted in monsters, strangeness, and paranormal and Fortean phenomena, why don't I go a'ghosting?
My reasons are entirely personal, and please understand that I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who investigates ghosts and hauntings (as long as they are legal, ethical, and professional about it).
Why not me? First, because unlike monsters, cryptids, UFOs, or similar weirdness, I have no curiosity whatsoever regarding typical ghosts and hauntings. I believe in ghosts and life after death. I have no doubt or question about their existence. Naturally, I can't scientifically prove anything, but I'll leave that to other investigators. I choose to investigate and research other aspects of the paranormal world. "Is house A haunted?" Maybe, maybe not, I don't really care.
Another reason: Unlike monster or cryptid sightings, ufo flaps, frog falls, or similar bizarre occurances, ghosts and hauntings are pretty commonplace. Any town in the world can boast a local haunted house, cemetery, hospital, bar, restaurant, whatever. One of the guys on "Ghost Hunters" once quipped that Ouija boards are the "crack cocaine" of the supernatural world. If that's the case, then haunted houses are at least the cheap booze. Unless a haunting is particularly malevolent, or if it hints at some other paranormal event, (demonic presence, or poltergeist activity which can be a sign of something other than a ghost) you can count me out.
Another reason I don't really mess with ghosts has to do with my old-fashioned Southern upbringing. Respect for the dead. If a ghost or revenant NEEDS to be laid to rest, or needs help completing its transition to the hereafter, that's one thing. But just pestering a poor residual into performing for the camera (or emf meter, digital voice recorder, thermal imager...) is another matter.
The owners of the famous Waverly Hills sanitarium are planning to capitalize on its haunted reputation by turning the place into a hotel. I don't care for the idea of cashing in on the restless spirits of the poor souls who perished there. I'd rather they gather a team of mediums, psychics, and exorcists from all over the world to guide those tortured souls into the light and their eternal rest. Sure, sell tickets, put it on pay-per-view, sell some dvd's and t-shirts, but let those poor SOBs get their rest.

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