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08 May 2009

Got Your Mojo Workin'?

"Everybody needs a little good luck charm
A little gris-gris keep you safe from harm.
Rub yours on me, and I'll rub mine on you.
Luckiest couple on the avenue"
-Jimmy Buffett- "Love and Luck"

While doing a little seaching on the net, I ran across this site. It's a wealth of information on African-American magic traditions (aka "Hoodoo"). There's tons of articles on mojo bags, charms and spells. Everything from history, tradition in Blues music, to instructions for how to make your very own mojo bag. The site also offers mojo bags for sale "fixed" for a variety of applications. Buying a pre-made bag rather than making your own may seem like a cop-out to some practicioners, but if you lack the time, space, and gardening skills to grow your own herbs and plants,(or if your spouse, roomate, partner doesn't want you ruining cookware cooking up batches of ingredients) it's rather convenient. Besides, the knowledge and ability to fix a mojo is what made the Hoodoo Doctor a valued member of the community. So, if you don't know a Nation Sack from a gris-gris, or don't comprehend the seriousness of the admonition to "keep yo' hands off a' my mojo", check it out.

Speaking of Mojo/Hoodoo, some of you are no doubt familiar with the tradition that holds that bluesman Robert Johnson went "Down to the Crossroads" and sold his soul to the Devil in order to gain his mastery of the guitar. In return, he spent the rest of his life with "A Hellhound on my Trail". Well, if you're an aspiring guitarist, here's a site that offers your very own vial of dirt from that very crossroads. There's no guarantee you'll become a legendary blues singer, but at least it doesn't cost you your soul.

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