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09 May 2009

Old Account of Alabama River Monster

While surfing the web last night (actually, it was this morning, but since I hadn't been to bed yet, it's still night to me), I hit upon this newspaper account of a giant river monster in Alabama. The armed (read: prepared) witnesses promptly dispatched the beast (Alabama seems to have a tradition of heavily armed monster hunters) and provided the description in the article.
Having imbibed multiple margaritas (I need to post my recipe sometime)I bookmarked the story so I could check it out again with a clear head. It's quite an interesting tale.
Alabama River Monster
So, what was it? A giant catfish? A relict aquatic dinosaur? Do Ogopogo & Champ have a Southern cousin? Was it just a tall tale given legimacy because "it was in the paper"?
One thing's for sure, as we say down here, "Well, it's dead, whatever it was!"
Now, on to Saturday night and rum punch!

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