Is there room in the Para/Crypto/Fortean world for a gun-toting, paranoid, bipolar, opinionated bastard? A lonely romantic in search of his lost soul? A knight, Samurai, gunslinger, born in the wrong century? A self-destructive, doom-driven survivor seeking redemption? A heavy drinking gonzo outlaw cryptozoologist whose ego is exceeded only by his libido?
No, there isn't. That's why I'm here...

17 May 2009

Sick Of This Weather

"This morning I shot six holes in my freezer
I think I got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm"- Jimmy Buffett, "Boat Drinks"

Okay, so it isn't 20 degrees, but for the past month and a half, we've been experiencing almost daily severe storms, hail, and flash floods. It's like some kind of plague. It's Springtime, dammit! I want to go outside without getting soaked to the skin! I'm sick and tired of dark skies 24/7! I'm going nuts stuck in the compound drinking rum, tequila, and caffeinated beverages! I want to shoot! I want to roam the woods or walk the streets!
Now that the Soviet Union has collapsed, who do I blame for this weather? Are "THEY" screwing around with HAARP or something? I'm going stir crazy!

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