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12 June 2009

PLR-16 Pistol Pic

Here's a pic of the Carbon-15 pistol (top) and my new PLR-16 (bottom). I swapped out the Noveske muzzle brake (the thingie at the end of the barrel)from the C15 and added a cheapo red dot sight I had lying around. The Noveske brake is essential for these types of firearms. Without it, the muzzle flash is blinding and the blast is deafening, and the gun is pretty much useless except as a range toy. The Noveske brake eliminates the flash, and redirects the blast away from the shooter. It's now no worse than my 16" barrelled AR rifle.(outdoors anyway!) It DOES add some weight to the muzzle, but it's no biggie and certainly worth the tradeoff. The C15 and PLR are similar in size and weight, but the C15 uses the gas system similar to the AR15 family while the PLR uses an AK-like piston system. It's more reliable and lower maintenance than the gas system. Plus, it doesn't need a buffer tube (that thing sticking out of the back of the top pistol).
KelTec makes a forend for the PLR, but it's made of plastic and after around a hundred rounds of rapid-fire it starts to melt. I had a clamp-on trirail mount from another project, so I mounted it. Besides, the KelTec system only has one accessory rail instead of three, what am I gonna do with that? :D