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01 June 2009

So Crazy It Just Might Work...

If you're a fan of the series "Supernatural", you've probably seen Sam & Dean whip out their sawed-off double barrelled shotgun. It's typically loaded with rock salt shells for use on ghosts or similar creatures of the night.
Since we live in the "real" world, the carrying of illegal firearms is ill-advised. (along with quitting your job and chasing demons all over the country, or impersonating federal agents, or killing people, or digging up graves so you can salt-n-burn, or most of the other things the Winchesters do!)
But, the notion of a "Ghost Blaster" is intriguing, no? I own a 37mm tear gas launcher. It looks wicked awesome even though it's not even considered a firearm. (you just have to be careful about the kinds of ammo you own for it unless you register it with the Feds). I'm thinking some "salt rounds" wouldn't be hard to load up. Maybe even use some other banes as well.
I'm still not sure about all the legalities involved in such a project. And of course (like any 37mm munition) firing it at a person is definately illegal ("less-lethal" or no).
It's common for owners to load 35mm film canisters filled with sand or colored chalk for target practice, so loading a practice round filled with salt shouldn't be a problem or cause a hassle.Just wonder about a "scatter" load? A lot of the laws regarding 37mm munitions are based on "design and intent". If the rounds aren't designed and intended to be fired at people, they're okay. (it's more complicated than that, but that part of the law is what's relevant to this discussion). OTOH, even then, if such a round IS fired at a person, you're boned in the eyes of the law.

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