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18 July 2009

Coming To A Comic Store Near You!

If you only know me from Blogger, you're probably not aware that I'm a longtime resident of the FVZA Forums. I'm a "token" moderator of the Preparedness section. The FVZA site is dedicated to the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. The FVZA was charged with protecting and defending the US from the threats posed by, well, vampires and zombies. It's also by far the best
"Zombie Survival" type site I've found. The Forum members are dedicated to surviving the zombie apocalypse, and the members take a very realistic approach to the subject unlike so many other sites which cater to the "I'm gonna get myself a gun and a sword and see how many zombies I can kill before they kill me or I starve to death on the roof" or "I'm gonna go to the mall (or WalMart) and loot every gunstore I can find..." crowd.
Anyway, it was recently announced that the FVZA has inspired a comic book series and there's talk of a possible movie deal.
So, naturally I thought, "Cool! Fame, fortune, money, groupies, product endorsements, free samples from gunmakers, expenses-paid monsterhunting expeditions...", but alas, it appears that "Dangovitch" ("Dango" for short) only signed over the rights to the FVZA name and backstory. So, no Gummerfan appearances in the comic, no action figures, no celebrity status for yours truly. Just as well, I probably wouldn't be able to handle it anyway. (though a guest shot on Leno, Letterman, or MonsterQuest would've been cool!). But, if by chance there's a character who's a bit paranoid, obsessive, well-armed, and named "Gunnerman" or something like that, feel free to giggle!
You can find more info on the FVZA comic on this page.


Autumnforest said...

Totally righteous! That's weird. My son and I are zombie/vampire freaks and we often sit around discussing what we'd do if zombies occurred. We like to have real debates about it. That's amazing. Had no idea there were other like-minded folks out there. I'm a bit of a survivalist type myself, always thinking how I can become more independent and what I'd do if the bomb went off or whatever. I don't think I'm paranoid by any stretch of the imagination, but there's something about knowing you can handle any situation that's kind of sexy! Keep us updated on this interesting progress.

Gummerfan said...

I knew you were cool! Y'all feel free to drop by the Forums anytime! And Autumn, we have a pretty nice "desert rat contingent" on there, just in case you need a place to run when Z-day comes!

Mike-Julie said...

This is information that I am glad to hear about. You just never know what's going to happen!