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27 July 2009

The "Mesmeric Pass", Try It Yourself!

Kids, try this at home! (lol) I read about this years ago and I find bits-n-pieces of related phenomena associated with it from some widely-varied sources.
The "Mesmeric Pass" (named after Franz Anton Mesmer, the pioneering hypnotist) is also referred to in some disciplines as "sealing the aura".
I'm assuming you're familiar with the aura as the energy field surrounding all living things. Various techniques from Oriental reiki to spiritualism incorporate the aura (the Oriental disciplines refer to the energy as "ki" or "chi") as part of their teachings.
Some healing and meditation practices begin with the Mesmeric Pass or aura sealing. The subject lies down and enters a relaxed state. The healer (or whatever they're called) passes a hand over the subject's body, at a distance of 6-8". If the healer can actually see the aura, I guess it's easier. The hand should pass over the very edge of the aura, not too close to the body, but not too far away.
Now what's really neat is that the subject can "feel" or sense the hand passing over their body. In the proper state, the subject can have their eyes completely closed, and still be able to tell where the person's hand is. Try it sometime! It may take a bit of practice (on the part of both individuals) but I'm convinced that anyone can learn it.
Now, here's something related to auras and energy that I read in, of all places, Soldier Of Fortune magazine. (You knew I read SOF, right, I mean how could you suspect otherwise?) There was an article by martial artist and Special Forces instructor the late Mike Echanis. (well, it was a few years ago, he wasn't the "late" Mike Echanis then) on the art of sentry removal. Echanis noticed that in his classes and exercises, often the "sentry" would be unable to see or hear his "stalker", but frequently anticipated his attack. The sentries said they experienced a sensation like a "wedge of steel" at the back of their neck. As a martial artist, Echanis was familiar with the concept of ki or chi. He suspected that the attackers intent (or energy) was "preceding" their actions, and this projection of energy was sensed by their targets. He trained his students to control and internalize their energy, to visualize it moving in a circular motion around them rather than radiating outward. The results demonstrably increased the ability of the students to successfully approach their targets and accomplish their grisly task. He also trained the sentries to maximize their sensitivity to an approaching attacker.
What, you thought all that Jedi Knight stuff about The Force was just made up? :D


Autumnforest said...

This was a really neat post. People can feel their own auras by facing their hands together about 5-6 inches apart and pushing gently at the air towards each other, you can feel a sort of "denseness" holding you back. You can actually put your hands further and further apart as you extend your aura and still feel resistance. It's pretty fun. I like the idea of feeling someone's intentions coming upon you. I can't tell you how many times I can be in a crowded room and reading an article and know someone is watching me and even know which person. I lift my head and stare them in the eyes and they look shocked. I think humans have that ability, some are just more attuned to it on a daily basis. When I've gotten some amazing things on photos at haunted sites, I've had that sense of something dense and solid nearby. People give off heat and block air movement and such so you could blindfold a person, take them into an empty room where several people are standing at various spots and they can walk around and feel that someone is nearby and usually peg just the spots pretty well. It's getting into that part of your mind that's the challenge. Some people access it easily, but I think everyone can do it if they simply "train" at it. It's a lot of the same techniques blind people use to know where large solid objects are located. This was a fun subject!

Mike-Julie said...

Interesting subject and one that I must try.

Autumnforest said...

I saw this and laughed, was thinking of "Tremors." Did you ever see the "Destination Truth" episode where they looked for the Mongolian Death Worm? Here's an article about an upcoming expedition:

Autumnforest said...

Warning: Be sure to see "The Colony" tonight at 10 on channel 23. Watch the survivalist wannabes fight and claw.

Gummerfan said...

Thanks for the "heads up". I didn't catch it in time, though. But I see it's being reaired later tonight, so I'll be sure to watch it then!