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02 July 2009

The Mighty (Geo)Ducks

I thought I'd heard of every weird creature on earth, but I must confess I never heard of geoducks until I saw them on an episode of Dirty Jobs.
The geoduck (pronounced "gooey-duck") is the largest clam in the world. They average 1-3 lbs and around 1 meter long. (that's 3 feet to us!) but there have been specimens reported at 15 lbs and 6 ft long! The geoducks are native to the NW coast of the US and Canada. "Geoduck" comes from a Nisqually word meaning "dig deep", because they burrow over three feet into the sand along the shoreline, so you have to dig deep to harvest them. (yeahh, riiiight, I'm sure that's what they meant!). They are also among the worlds longest-lived animals, with a life expectancy of over 146 years. (assuming no one digs deep and harvests them).
Geoducks are very popular in Oriental cuisine and are also considered an aphrodisiac. (Really?! Wonder why THAT is?!)
A female acquaintence of mine told me that if there's any justice in the universe, when I die I'll come back as one of these. Hmmm...spending my days buried in the sand on the beach, waves washing over me, nothing to do but relax and thrust my mammoth..siphon upwards when I need a meal, not to mention looking like...well, let's just say I took it as a complement!
The geoduck proves beyond all doubt that whoever or whatever created the universe has a sense of humor.

Yeah, of course somebody HAD to go there!


Mike-Julie said...

Never heard of it either. Interesting looking thing.....that last picture, lol.

Gummerfan said...

I debated on posting that pic, but c'mon, it was SO freakin' obvious!