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03 July 2009

A Silver Sliver In The Sky

Apologies to Emily Dickinson for stealing her flow there.
My route home from work involves driving down the side of a big hill. Actually, the locals insist it's a mountain, but if you've seen a REAL mountain, you know better. Anyway, it affords a nice view of the neighboring city. Two weeks ago, while driving down the hill, I saw something really neat.
I've seen maybe three real UFOs in my life. By UFO I mean something that I can't personally explain, something that "weren't no airplane". This one appeared as a shiny metallic, long thin "something" hovering over the city. What was interesting is that it came into view as I was descending the hill, stayed in view for a few seconds, faded out, and reappeared seconds later in another location.
I looked all in the car for something that might have caused a reflection, but there just wasn't anything there. I still haven't figured out what it was. This was in broad daylight, mind you, not just a "light in the sky"-type thing.
Of course there are some possible "rational" explanations. Maybe some kind of illusion caused by temperature inversions in the atmosphere? Something reflected in a clear sky?
I've been reading about extra dimensions. That theory gets thrown around a lot when discussiong paranormal phenomena, but it's a frustratingly difficult concept to really wrap your mind around.
It's theorized that something (whether organic or artificial) from an outside dimension would appear to us as nothing more than a line segment, and would only be visible when viewed from precisely the right angle.
So did I happen to catch a glimpse of something hanging around or passing through our three-dimensional world? Was I just at the right angle at the right time?
I don't know. (after all, that's what the "U" in "UFO" stands for!)


Autumnforest said...

You might be onto something. I've long felt that UFOs might not be so much as a thing in the actual sky that if you could jump up high, you could touch with your hand. It could be that we're seeing things that go in and out of available "space/time" that makes us able to see them for a time period when actually they might be flying around another dimension at that time or even had done it thousands of years ago and we can see it again. Of course, I tend to be horribly logical about things and if you live in NV, you might be seeing some Area 51 stuff. I know this AZ to NV space seems to have a lot of that weirdness happening. I still like the "Skinwalker Ranch" explanation of seeing another dimension from a portal. That I'd believe more than aliens myself.

Gummerfan said...

I agree with you. I think more and more UFO researchers are moving away from the "little green men in spaceships" school of thought and leaning towards other possible explanations.
Of course, secret government aircraft will always be a possible (and probable) explanation for some sightings, such as those near big military installations and known test sites.
I'm a big believer in the "window area" idea. There just seem to be certain areas and certain times when strange events seem to occur with greater frequency. Skinwalker Ranch, Point Pleasant during the Mothman flap, the Troup-Heard Corridor, and any number of regions throughout the world. But why this happens in a particular area, (or particular timeframe) is puzzling.