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17 August 2009

Bennington Triangle

If you follow Autumnforest's Ghost Hunting Theories, you've no doubt seen some of the posts and comments about Portals, or Window Areas. Today I got an email announcement regarding this very phenomenon. Check this out:
C4C radio, Tuesday, 7pm CST.

Jim's Site.

Jim and his fellow researchers will be deep in the woods on expedition. Should
be exciting to hear from him and what they have found. We will also update
everyone on what's going on out here. The family I mentioned is still getting
nightly visits.
I'll be on site there today. Wes and Darin got more tracks, and huge bedding
areas on the property yesterday. The family confirmed a sighting again the night
before. They put "him" around 10 feet tall(a baby).........Tune in for and
exciting show,,,,,


The term "Bennington Triangle" was coined by New England author Joseph A. Citro
during a public radio broadcast in 1992 to denote an area of southwestern
Vermont within which a number of persons went missing between 1920 and 1950.

This was further popularized in two books, in which he devoted chapters to
discussion of these disappearances and various items of folklore surrounding the
area. The area shares characteristics with the Bridgewater Triangle in
neighboring Massachusetts.

Precisely what area is encompassed in this hypothetical "mystery triangle" is
not clear, but it centers around Glastenbury Mountain.

Glastenbury and its neighboring township Somerset were both once moderately
thriving logging and industrial towns, but began declining toward the late 19th
century and are now essentially ghost towns, unincorporated by an act of the
state legislature in 1937.

According to Citro's books, stories of strange happenings had beentold about
Glastenbury and the surrounding area for many years prior to the disappearances
in the 1940s, and other sources do seem to corroborate that such folklore does
appear to date back as far as the late 19th century and perhaps even earlier.
This includes the local folk belief that Native Americans regarded Glastenbury
as "cursed" and avoided it, as well as tales of hairy "wild men" and other
strange beasts in the woods.

Looks like another one for the books!


Autumnforest said...

Absolutely enthralling. I'd be on that like flies on shit. I think they should do a little investigation of what is at Glastenbury Mountain--as far geology and recent tectonic activity. I'd be curious if it's earth released. This is so cool--thanks for the heads up, will be following avidly. This is my new obsession. I have a tendency to sense if something has some weight to it and this portal thing--feels very very possible and I'm a really skeptical person, but everything inside me is saying...there's something there, do you dare find out??? (shivers)

Autumnforest said...

Oops--forgot...check this out

I'd very much like you to do a followup on the geology/tectonic activity of the area. These missing people in that area--interesting.