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No, there isn't. That's why I'm here...

14 August 2009

Chance Meeting at the Store

Yesterday I was at the local quick-mart. I had parked the Big Weird Jeep close to the door because I was getting some 12-packs of Mt. Dew. I was almost at the register and I looked out the window and saw a cop giving my vehicle the once-over. He saw that I noticed him and he came inside. Now, understand that the Big Weird Jeep has a license plate frame that says "Support Your Local Monster Hunter", as well as a few decals with this blogs url.
The cop came inside and asked "Is that your Jeep?" "Yeah", I answered with a grin. "What kind of monsters do you hunt?" I told him I'm into just about everything, Bigfoot, Big Black Cats, Aliens. The officer said "Man, I could tell you some stories! I'm in the woods all the time (he's an avid hunter) and I've seen some crap out there!" I could tell you about stuff that's happened to me!"
Since we were both in a hurry, I was paying my tab, he was getting ready to start his shift, we didn't really have a chance to talk further, but I'm sure we will.

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Autumnforest said...

You know, it actually comforts me to know law enforcement accepts that there's weird shit out there. It's the ones in denial that scare me...