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17 August 2009

A Little Gun Fun!

I recently traded off my Carbon-15 pistol for a Golani Sporter. This is basically a semi-auto version of the Israeli Galil assault rife, (which in turn is an Israeli version of the Soviet AK47 assault rifle, hmmm...)

I also got a couple of these neat-o magazine extensions for my Glock 20 10mm auto.

These add 5 extra rounds to the stock mag capacity for a total of 20 rounds of magnum-level power in a packable semi-auto pistol. Does it get any sweeter than that?

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Autumnforest said...

Hey, I actually shot a .22-caliber handgun the other day--first time ever. Even loaded and unjammed it myself. I have to admit an extreme dislike for guns, so I figured because I hate them so much and my mind is so closed (for a liberal woman, that's just wrong), I should learn about them. I nearly shot my brother when we were kids with a loaded gun, so I still harbor fears. But, I tend to be a bit counterphobic, so when something scares me, I poke at it like a sore. I'm proud I did it and I'm proud that I opened my mind up enough to see why people like guns so much. I know I won't do it a second time, but I figured I should at least help myself past the fear. Oh, and I saw an article online today about how to handle a zombie attack--thought of you and the burning question of what to do if zombies attack:

p.s. Admittedly, the guns are rather pretty--I like the older stuff--it's more real. When I was little, I used to dig up Civil War and revolutionary war guns and bayonets on our property. The bayonets fascinated me. I wondered why you needed to stab someone if you had a gun... hee hee