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30 September 2009

"Chickenfoot" Drive-through

I drove out to Chickenfoot today. I wanted to get a look at the lay of the land before going out at night. Here's a pic of the intersection:

The road to the left is posted as a private drive, so I just kept going straight. The one-lane dirt road is filled with potholes, and at some points it's dark even at midday due to the close overgrowth on either side. You can literally reach out of your window and touch the trees. There is the occasional field or pasture, but I didn't reach a dwelling (a nice sized farmhouse) for miles. The GPS showed a few county roads intersecting the road I was on, but it must be pretty outdated, since these "roads" were nothing more than trails through soybean fields, and again, some of these were marked "Private Property, No Trespassing". This is another good reason to recon an area before heading out for a full-fledged hunt. You certainly don't want to go blundering onto private property without permission.
After a few miles of pot holes, big mud puddles, and rickety wooden bridges, I could go no farther. I reached a mudhole the size of a pond right in the middle of the road. I didn't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, so I'll have to wait til things dry out before proceeding any farther. Our whole area has been subject to almost daily flashfloods for the past month!
I performed a three point turn on the narrow road and returned to the intersection, this time taking the other road. This one wasn't quite as desolate as the first one, but there were still plenty of woods, streams, and a few huge cornfields on one or both sides of the road. (sounds like some of the areas Linda Godfrey mentions in her werewolf books).
There was another road that also looked promising, but I didn't have time to explore it.
So, did I see or hear the "White Thing", or "Chickenfoot Monster"? Alas, not this time. I can't wait to get out there at night, though, the place is unsettling enough in broad daylight.
I DID see something though. Check this out:

This bull was again within arm's length of the car window. Just imagine being on this lonely dirt road at night, and catching a glimpse of this guy looking in your window!
This is a cool area to check out. If it doesn't have a resident monster, it certainly needs one!


Autumnforest said...

Good recon. Have you Google mapped the area to see what it looks like around there--where there might be some open areas or woodlands without houses? Admittedly, when all else fails, you can always get addresses from any mailboxes and send out letters telling them you're doing research on the white creatures and wanted to know if anyone had seen anything. The City Registrar's office can also help you to find out what lands are privately owned and what are public too. Sounds creepy in daylight. I'd love to know what it's like at night.

Above the Norm said...

I hope you do check it out at night and do a blog on it. I bet it will be very creepy!