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25 September 2009

Land Between the Lakes KY, Another "Window"?

I first became aware of this region when I viewed the documentary "Hunt The Dogman" which I posted about here.
I've done some more searching recently and found that in addition to the Dogman/Werewolf sightings, LBL is also the home of the "Vampire Hotel", an abandoned structure (it has since been demolished so only the foundation and a few walls remain) where Rod Ferrell and his "Vampire Clan" held meetings, conducted blood-drinking riuals, and allegedly practiced animal sacrifices prior to embarking on their trip to Florida, where Ferrell beat two people to death and drank their blood before driving to New Orleans to live among the vampires. The Vampire Hotel is still a "pilgimage" sight for vampire wannabes.
It was after conducting their rituals that Ferrell declared himself a 500 yr-old vampire named "Vesego".
So, now we've got an area with both werewolves and "vampires". But wait, there's more. I've also run across posts from those who've visited the area and reported that at night, you can see glowing red eyes staring through the trees, but when the area is illuminated, no animal or creature can be seen. Others have also reported UFOs and mysterious lights among the trees, some reports of non-typical Bigfoot-like creatures, as well as a general "creepy" feeling.
The LBL region has a lot in common with other "Window Areas" as well. It's situated between two large lakes, it's a heavily forested area, it has been under the control (or at least auspices of) the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Corp of Engineers ( that's right, the Government!), it is home to a lot of old cemetaries and Indian burial grounds, and it has a history of being haunted or sacred that predates the arrival of the White Man.
I can't help but wonder if Ferrell and his followers unwittingly made contact with some kind of entity, and if in his desire to become a vampire, he allowed it to "possess" and control him? Is there some kind of energy in the area? Is it yet another playground for what we label as "spirits"?
Just what IS going on there?


Autumnforest said...

Great post!
That's interesting how places seem to attract clusters of various kinds of sightings from UFOs to Bigfoot to flying humanoids and baby aliens... As a logic-minded person, I can think of only 3 explanations:
1. Something about the geomechanics/geothermal activity of the area causes hallucinations.
2. There's something about that area that attracts creatures who are more adapted to pick up on its power.
3. There are actual portals where entities cross back and forth.

I think ancient man's understanding of the earth and serious attraction to stone monuments might have been a clue. Could it be that Stonehenge was once a portal for another world, but now defunct? It seems as if portal sites are short-lived. Whether they go away because others don't want to be detected if they hang around there too long, or if the actual life of the portal is limited, is the question. When I start seeing and hearing things in the news about a lot of weird sightings of a variety of things in one area--I think--portal. I'm hoping sharp people are alerted to these reports and try to hunt it down while it's still active. Say, someone like a monsterhunter....

Above the Norm said...

What an interesting post. I wonder what kind of energy is in this area to cause all these sightings. Whatever it may be, it sounds like a pretty scary place to visit.

Courtney Mroch said...

GULP! I keep bugging my husband about going up to Land Between the Lakes. I didn't know it had this kind of history associated with it. Would make for a fun Haunt Jaunt, but I don't want to see red eyes peering at me. The rest I'd be curious to check out...esp to see if I get any weird feelings. Or maybe that's why I've been wanting to go? Maybe it's been calling to me? (Not likely. That's never happened before. But I have been wanting to check it out.)

Patty said...

Hi I wandered over from Haunt Jaunt. Great blog you have here. I am bookmarking you so I can follow along.

Gummerfan said...

Welcome aboard to both of you!
Courtney, I read about your day trip on your blog, looks like you had a great time despite the lack of any high strangeness!
That may be why I prefer "Monster Hunting" to "Ghost Hunting". I'd rather be out in the woods than poking around a haunted house in the middle of a town or city. :D
Humping through the woods, humping in the woods, as long as there's some humping and some woods involved...
(yeah, I'm horrible, I know!)

Courtney Mroch said...

HAHAHAHAHAAH! Thanks for the good laugh. So is like today (Wednesday) your favorite day of the week? (Seeing as how it's "hump" day and all... ;)

Gummerfan said...

Heehee! Good one! Actually, Wednesday is either my favorite, or least favorite, depending on whether I have to work or not.

Anonymous said...

We were right across from turky bay on oct. 21 on ky lake.
we seen one light in the sky over land between the lakes(lbl)
we watched it for a few minutes and then a little light came out of it and fell real slow to the ground then 6 more did the same. and then the big light just shot off towards cadiz.
we went the next day to the lbl visitors station and asked them about it and they said they had no idea what it could be. they said sometimes the military does stuff there but they had not been informed if they were going to be there. it was really strange. if you find out anything let me know at thanks.

Anonymous said...

i use to live 15mins from there so ive been their many times and i noticied you didnt mention anything about the furnance

Anonymous said...

I have seen the goat man I have hard women scream in the woods?????