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12 September 2009

What Time Is It?

"Does anybody really know what time it is?"-Chicago-

"You are not a victim, you just scream with boredom,
You are not evicting Time"
-David Bowie-

"Time won't let me"-The Outsiders

While reading through some accounts of creature sightings and associated weirdness, I've read numerous reports of phenomena that seem to begin, build, then disappear never to be reported again. I label these creatures/events "Short-Timers". Researchers use the term "flap" to denote periods of increased activity. There have been major UFO flaps every decade since the '40's. The big Cattle Mutilation flap of the '70's. Periodic increases of sightings of Nessie and Lake Monsters.
But, while such phenomena as UFOs, Cattle Mutilations, and Lake Monster sightings occur with less frequency during non-flap periods, the Short-Timers make the news for a while, then suddenly disappear. The Paranormal equivalent of a one-hit wonder.
There haven't been many credible reports of Mothman, the Jersey Devil, or the Fouke monster in years. Springheeled Jack, The Mad Gasser of Matoon, and the Scrape Ore Lizardman appear to have retired. The Phantom Clowns have left the scene, and whatever became of those Black Eyed Kids?

"There are three vital ingredients to comedy: material, delivery, and another one that I can't remember right now..."

During the 13 months that the Mothman was flying around Point Pleasant, residents reported encounters with the Men In Black. The many people who have had dealings with these guys report that they are always obsessed with knowing the time. MIBs ask the witnesses for the time several times during the course of their encounter. And the MIBs are known for their pattern of wearing outdated, yet brand new appearing clothing, and driving decades-old vehicles that not only look, but even smell new. (if only we could learn the secret of preserving new-car smell!).
Like a lot of others who study and research various strange phenomena, I'm always hoping to find some kind of discernable pattern to events. Factors such as geography and location, and even connections with names. But, if we accept the proposition that such bizarre creature encounters are the result of something intruding into our reality, perhaps we should examine a temporal connection as well?
I don't mean a specific pattern of dates and times. IF something or someone unknown is crossing over into our world, time itself could be a factor.
Travelline through space and time is a tricky business. Like the transporter from Star Trek, you have to get your "coordinates" right. If you just travel through the dimension of time, you run the risk of materializing in the vacuum of space, cursing with your last breath as you watch the Earth hurtling toward or away from you at 90 miles per second. Not good.
And even if you could somehow compensate for "space" as well as time, there are other matters to consider. Wanna travel to the future and materialize inside an oak tree that didn't exist when you left? Travel to the distant past and realize too late that your target area was covered with water at that time? How about materializing fused into a wall of a building that wasn't even built in your "then-present"?
If these intruders into our reality are deliberately travelling here from someplace/sometime else, maybe there are only occassional windows of opportunity for safe transport. Whether it's by some artificial or advanced technological means, or some sort of natural ability,(or even just through some circumstance over which the creatures themselves have no control at all) the laws of the universe always have their limits. (how would they get around the Law of The Conservation of Matter, for example?).
Of course this is bad news for those of us who hope to find a way to predict such events, since it involves knowledge to which we aren't currently privy, but maybe eventually we'll figure it out.

"...TIMING! TIMING! THAT'S the other thing!"


Autumnforest said...

"Time in a bottle..." (Bread)
That was a fantastic post! Yes! Yes! Yes! You're thinking along the right lines. I've looked at this issue too, where incidents are short-term. Just look at the newer phenomenon such as flying humanoids in Mexico, Phoenix Lights, etcetera. There's a few ways to look at it:

astronomically--when we might be in an ideal location to reach by whatever means they use.

timing--perhaps we're more interesting to observe during upheavals in our society like the 60s.

interplanetary rules--could it be that they're not allowed to stay longer and possibly risk either wanting to stay or perhaps being seen by the locals

What you can do is pick your incidents and look at things like seismic activity, geology, weather conditions, geomagnetic activity--and see if they seem to coincide with the time period the events occurred. It's possible once you find the correlations, you could actually predict future sites and times of such encounters... Staying one step ahead of "them"

Thanks for a really fun post!

Above the Norm said...

You do raise some interesting points. I have wondered why certain events have occured during a particular time frame and why we don't hear about them now. Nice post Gummer....