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12 October 2009

The Troup-Heard Corridor and Strange LaGrange

I mentioned that I've been reading "Strange Georgia" by Jim Miles. I've only skimmed through some of it, but there's a great chapter on the "Troup-Heard Corridor", which is an area of great personal interest. I've only found a little about it online, mainly this page from MUFON.
In addition to a lot of factors mentioned in the MUFON reprt, conditions which would make this an ideal spot for covert military ops, I've found a few other little facts in the book that would lead one to wonder if this is also a "window" for paranormal activity.
The geology of the area is quite interesting. The region has deposits of unusual specimens of quartz rock that, when rubbed together, create a soft glow where the surfaces contacted. Could this explain some of the reports of glowing orbs or balls of light? Or, are the UFOs drawn to this as an energy source for some advanced means of propulsion?
There is also a fault line that runs through the area, where the Noth American Plate abuts the African Plate.
The bulk of UFO reports are reported from the city of LaGrange, GA, which, coincidentally, is the largest city that is considered to lie within the THC. (more population=more potential witnesses=more reports). The UFOs reported are of every concievable size and shape. Discs, balls, triangles, cigars, diamonds, and objects flying in seemingly-connected formations. Some are seen moving at humanly impossible speeds, while others are so slow as to be aerodyamically impossible. (one witness was able to slowly stroll along beneath one until he reached the fence and couldn't follow farther).
But, not only is the LaGrange/THC region a UFO hotspot, it also has its share (or more) of other paranormal phenomena. Bigfoot-like creatures, black panthers, giant snakes, alien encounters and abductions, the discovery of a lead tablet engraved with Sumerian Cuneiform, shadow people, and what the author calls "INT"s, for "Dimensional Interterrestrial Beings".
I read in one of Loren or Jerry Coleman's books (I can't locate it right now) that "Grange" "Granger", and "LaGrange" are all names which seem to have a strong relation to Fortean phenomena. (wonder if ZZ Top knew that?) :D


Autumnforest said...

Yes! That's the area I had found on somewhere online and wondered why such a huge swath of land wasn't more talked about, but I believe a good portion of it lies in national parks or mountains areas? The geology is absolute perfection. In the novel I'm writing, the pagans believe that granite contains the powers within an area (like an electric fence), the limestone holds the memories or the events that occurred there, and the quartz actually helps to release the magic or replay the events. It's fiction, of course, but based on my haunted formula. You might want to break that up into smaller towns and regions and see what activity they've seen and what dates. You could make a chart and see where it seems to be heaviest in concentration and where it was in the past and is now to see if it's moving. Exciting stuff. Keep asking questions--you're onto something!

Patty said...

I was born in LaGrange GA. but moved as a young child. I still have family in town....Maybe it is time for a road trip...hmmmmm