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05 October 2009

You're Still Here?!

Okay, so Saturday night I went to see "Zombieland", a comedy about the end of the world caused by zombie infestation. While there, I saw the trailers for "2012", about the end of the world based on the Mayan calendar, and "Legion", in which God gets disgusted with Man again, and sends a bunch of angels to bring about...the end of the world.
Sunday at Walmart, I was digging through the DVD bargain bin, when I found "Day of The Dead", about zombies and...the end of the world. Looking for another movie (to get the sale price deal) I found a double feature, "Panic In the Year Zero", a 1950's movie with Frankie Avalon and Ray Milland, about survivors coping with the aftermath of a nuclear attack and...the end of the world. Also on the disc was the Vincent Price classic "The Last Man On Earth", based on Mattheson's "I Am Legend", about the lone survivor of a plague that brings about...the end of the world. I must say that both TLMOE and "The Omega Man" blow Will Smith's "I Am Legend" out of the proverbial contaminated water.
Anyway, after a weekend of immersion in TEOTWAWKI scenarios (which also included a run to the store for more shotgun shells), it was nice to wake up and see the world is still going 'round.
Even if it is a Monday!


Autumnforest said...

I'm dying to see "Zombieland"(no pun intended, okay, pun intended). I have Last Man on Earth and I enjoyed it. It was more classy than Omega Man (BTW, if you watch Omega Man, there's a scene at the beginning of the movie where he goes to see a movie and is out on the street. In the distance, you can see a car go by--oops!) I've got "Panic in the Year Zero" in my Netflix Queue. I own "Day of the Dead." I really liked that one-it had a different and very dark feel to it. What a great zombie weekend! Have you ever seen "Fido"? That's one of my favorite zombie movies. I just adore it. It is so sick and twisted.

Above the Norm said...

Sounds like you had a weekend full of the world coming to an end, lol. Did you like Zombieland? I haven't seen all the movies you wrote about just "I am Legend", "The Omega Man" and "Day of the Dead. Also, a couple of Twilight Zones about the end of the world. Yes, we are still here, hanging around and reading blogs.

Gummerfan said...

The "Dead" movie isn't the original DOTD, (I've had that one for years!) it's Day of The Dead: Need To Feed, or something like that. Haven't watched that one yet.
As a zombie comedy, Zombieland was great, really funny. As a "zombie survival" movie, it wasn't that good, it made too light of the zombie threat. It's the kind of movie that makes people think that with a shotgun and a baseball bat, they're ready to kick zombie ass. It also had a "too convenient plot point" when the guys find an abandoned Hummer with a backseat full-o-guns. "Thank GOD for rednecks!!" :D

Courtney Mroch said...

We saw Zombieland this weekend too! Like you said, comedy part was fine. As a zombie survival movie...too spoofy. But I LOVED it anyway. Especially "Nut up or shut up." (The "Thank GOD for rednecks" was too reminiscent of a line I used 4th of July at the beach while we watched DIY fireworks: "Thank God them rednecks love to blow stuff up!" But I did crack up at it because it's TRUE! I really don't fear terrorists invading out lands. Too many rednecks to take care of them!!)

And what did you think of the 2012 previews? Looks too far-fetched for me (the world's literally crumbling around them but they make it to the airport and fly away??? Riiiiight!) But Legion? CREEPY! When that sweet little old lady from Titanic turns into that wall crawling beast thingy??? FREAKY TIME!)

Anyway...glad you woke up to a regular, non-post apocalyptic world again!

Gummerfan said...

I agree that 2012 looked a little far out. I'm betting it's going to be more of a "Oh wow! Look at the special effects!" type movie. I'll admit the efx looked awesome. And you're right about Legion. Looks truly freaky. Face it, no matter how many guns and how much ammo/food/water you've got, if GOD wants you dead, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. LOL!
You're story of the DIY fireworks was right on the money! That's one reason I like the 4th, it gives me a chance to "play around" without attracting too much attention. :D
And speaking of waking up to a post apocalyptic world, you DO know NASA's planning to blow a ginormous hole in the moon tomorrow?
Been nice knowin' y'all!

Autumnforest said...

I just wanted to tell you, I just saw "Panic in the Year Zero" and I was surprisingly pleased. I love that 50s/60s era end of world films. There's one called "Day the World Ended" from 1955--very much like that movie and one of my fav's from that genre and time period.