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24 November 2009

The Bronx, 1904, Owl, "Divil", Or Something Else?

Here's a story I ran across recently. It seemes there was a series of attacks by a big winged creature in the Bronx, NY in 1904. Police uniforms were slashed, helmets were battered, police and citizens alike were in fear of the "what-is-it?".
According to the story, "officially" the attacks were attributed to a large brown owl, despite one officer's insistence that it was some kind of humanoid "divil". Owls seem to be the typical explanation for any winged humanoid encounter, from the Jersey Devil, to Mothman, to other flying humanoid creatures (much in the same way Bigfoot sightings are blamed on upright bears). Even the Flatwoods Monster (which was never described as winged or even capable of flight) has been dismissed by some as a large owl perched in a tree!
So, was this in fact an owl? Did the Jersey Devil make a visit to the Bronx? Or is it an early Mothman sighting? I've been unable to find any follow-up to the story, so I can't say if an owl was ever caught or even seen, or any explanation for the attacks.


Autumnforest said...

Shivers...that sounds cool! Maybe you should check the Bronx news daily and see if anything happens in the news. Yeah, I admit to having seen an owl with an enormous wing span and felt the wind from its wings when it swooped from a tree overhead, but I had no doubt it was an owl. However, on a night with a moon of just the right intensity in just the right place, it casts a shadow that is ridiculous and combined with the wind from the wings, if a person didn't actually look up but used the shadow as a reference, it would seem like the mothman. Keep poking around. I want to hear more updates!

Gummerfan said...

Yep, it's funny how the mind can work. Once a buzzard flew from behind a hedgerow and swooped a few feet over my head. Intellectually, I knew it was just a buzzard, with a wingspan of maybe six feet, but at that time, it looked waaayyy bigger!