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03 December 2009

"Conspiracy Theory"

I wondered how good this show would be. So many "conspiracy" type shows toss out half-baked theories, provide no real evidence, and seem to be aimed at the "fringe". But, I've always liked Jesse Ventura ever since his wrestling days. In pro wrestling, in order to be a successful "heel", or "bad guy", you really have to know how to play to the audience. Ensuring that the masses develop that peculiar "love to hate" relationship isn't as easy as the pros make it look. Case in point: Hulk Hogan. Even in his "bad guy" Hollywood persona, he was never really hated. Jesse "The Body" Ventura managed to pull it off, though.
I saw him on the Tonight show once. He did the first half of his interview "in character". The audience booed and hissed. Then, he broke character for the later part of the interview and was treated to cheers and applause. The man knows how to play an audience.
I enjoyed last nights "HAARP" episode. Ventura & company did a solid job of presenting the facts about the HAARP project and the possible dangers of its use. The wild conjecture was kept to a minimum (just enough to keep you interested and make you think) and the guests and interviewees were sane and rational (no tinfoil hats!). I hope the series continues to display this quality of investigation and presentation and doesn't veer off into condescending, paranoia inducing ranting.
One of Jesse's trademark lines as a wrestling commentator sums up my view thus far: "I'm impressed, and I don't impress easy!"


Above the Norm said...

Glad to hear this about the show. I missed last nights but will be sure to catch it from now on.

Gummerfan said...

The debut episode was a good one. I just hope thay can maintain the quality of their investigations and avoid becoming sloppy and overly dramatic.