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No, there isn't. That's why I'm here...

15 December 2009

Humor, Weirdness, & Weird Humor

Autumforest's flattering comments prompted me to post about my particular approach to some of the topics I discuss. I read and participate in a wide variety of forums, websites, bulletin boards and other online groups devoted to a wide range of interests. Cryptozoology, ghosts, conspiracies, ufo's, paranormal & supernatural topics (among many others). In some cases I've been shocked at the way members of these "fringe" communities treat one another. Far from being open-minded, willing to explore different theories, hypotheses and ideas, too many members of these communities have set up opposing camps and drawn battle lines. Individuals and groups accuse "legitimate science", or "organized religion" of being close-minded, intolerant, and dogmatic for not considering alternative points of view, yet mercilessly attack "their own" with the same venom and fury if they toe a different line.
People have been mercilessly flamed, even threatened, for voicing an opinion different from that of the other side. Bigfoot as undiscovered ape or paranormal entity, or even a species of human. UFO's as anything other than alien space craft from a distant galaxy. These are the most well known points of contention, but there are plenty of others. Rather than admit that "we don't know", a lot of members of this big, dysfunctional family latch onto an opinion, and cling to it fervently.

And I think that's FUNNY!

I became interested in these bizarre fields because, to me, they're FUN! I enjoy reading various points of view because..."I don't know!" And until someone can satisfactorily prove any theory, not only to me, but to the world, no one else knows, either.
While my interest is sincere and my research is serious, if it becomes
"un-fun", I'm out.
Face it, we discuss and study subjects that the majority of world considers nonsense, unreal, fantasy, or just downright wacko. In addition to an open mind and insatiable curiousity, I consider a sense of humor to be a requirement. To quote the great Jimmy Buffett, "If we weren't all crazy, we'd all go insane."
I'm glad some people get it. :)


Jeff said...

I know exactly what you mean about people who say others are close minded, yet they themselves are closed minded too! Of course, that isn't to say that the others aren't closed minded, but I guess it's like someone trying to pull the splinter out of someone else's eye, while they have a plank in theirs.

Gummerfan said...

Yep, I've seen researchers literally run out of the field by one group or another. Researchers who no longer investigate, or at least won't go public with their theories or findings.
And I know investigators and writers who have actually been threatened because their theories and findings rub others in the field the wrong way.
And the funny thing is, those who hop on the bandwagon of persecution don't have any more evidence to support their beliefs than those they happily curbstomp!
Rather than working together to seek the truth (whatever that may be), the whole paranormal/cryptozoological/high strangeness community is full of individuals who pick one theory and exclude every other possibility.
If someone finds the Bigfoot Graveyard full of bones, corpses, and fossil evidence, great! If a researcher can prove that Bigfoot is something other than an undiscovered ape, also great! If Klaatu and Gort plop a saucer on the White House lawn and explain it all... well, you see where I'm going. :D

Above the Norm said...

This is exactly why I love reading your blog. You definately have a fascinating way of putting things. You write about various subjects, some I am aware of and some I'm not. I love learning about new things, so keep up the good work.