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02 December 2009

One Weird Week...

Some great and freaky things have happened since I last posted.
First, at long last, the ammo for the 460 Rowland arrived and I finally got to shoot the thing. I'm extremely pleased all around with it. I'ts probably going to replace my Glock 20 10mm as my favorite autoloader, and that's saying a LOT. If you're a "gun person" who owns a 1911-style pistol, get the Clark Custom conversion asap. If you don't own a 1911, get one, then get the conversion. I've seen a lot of "new" calibers come and go over the years. Some deservedly never catch on, some die an undeserved death at the whim of the marketplace, and some catch on and last. I fervantly hope (and believe) that the 460 Rowland will be one that catches on with enough followers to gain popularity.
Next, I'm another year older than I was last week. Saturday was my birthday. I was hoping to get the day off, but I kinda got shafted into covering Friday and Saturday. My coworkers gave me a nice party at work, though, so it wasn't all bad.
And now for the weird part: I happened to get my hands on a bootleg copy of "Paranormal Activity". (please, no speeches about that, when the "legit" dvd comes out, they'll get some of my money!). But, while I watched it, and for several nights afterward, I've had some strange experiences. I'll go into more detail in my next post.

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Autumnforest said...

You big tease--now I wanna know what's happening! I'll eagerly await your description.