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09 January 2010

"Big Cat" Encounter! (well, sort of...)

Today I was spending a little time at a local "ballistic research facility" (trash dump!) when I got that feeling that I was being watched. Sure enough, I found this critter peeking at me through the underbrush:

I immediately recognized it as the "Plaster Table Leopard", a creature that is rarely seen outside its native habitat (Pier 1's, Discount Furniture Marts, and yard sales).

However, since this one was hanging around the dump, it obviously was deemed unfit for the company of humans, and was more than likely highly aggessive.
Sure enough, I noticed that it had somehow gotten into its classic attack position atop a target stand (er.. discarded headboard).

Fortunately, a few rounds of 10mm saved me from a grisly fate!

However, I'll need to make another trip, as after an intense search, I was unable to locate its mate. These things are usually encountered in pairs, afterall.


Autumnforest said...

I have to laugh! My son had a torso mannequin of a woman that he used for an art project. Hubby wanted to go target shooting and asked if he could use it. My son said, "sure" and his shooting buddy thought it was weird, so he painted a bikini on it so it wasn't naked. They shot it up and one of the guys at the shooting range came up and said, "you got mama issues?"

Above the Norm said...

Be safe next time when you go looking for its mate. Them plastic cats are mean little critters.