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14 January 2010

Conspiracy Theory: 2012

I caught Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" episode last night. This week's show was about 2012 and the government's (and super-wealthy's) plans and preparations to survive any upcoming cataclysmic event. The Mayan calendar notwithstanding, scientists say we're way overdue for a massive solar storm. This event could knock out the entire US power grid. No electrcity at all. Zip, zilch, zero, nada. The End Of The World As We Know It. No food, water, transportation, support services, medical facilities...utter chaos.
What really got me about this episode is that lately I've been thinking about punching my own ticket, beating the universe to the punch, going out on my own terms, stretching out for a self-imposed dirt nap, tossing a Mercury dime to the nearest psychopomp and telling him "Full speed ahead!". But this episode made me change my mind.
I've spent most of my life waiting for The End. So far I've made it through the Cold War, Y2K, eight years of the Clintons and the first year of the reign of Los Obamanistas. There's still the ever-present danger of some kind of NBC terrorist attack, new diseases, massive tsunamis, or the supervolcano in Yellowstone.
I've never walked out of a bad movie in my life, I always stubbornly endure to the end, waiting to see if it gets better or to see just how bad it can get.
I want to see how this mother ends. I'll not be walking out just yet, especially considering the price I've paid for this ticket.
And if one looks hard enough, there's always something good in the world that makes it worth hanging around.
To wit:


Autumnforest said...

Hey, I've always found the end-of-the-world people are a bunch of morose folks. I mean, who said life is easy? Even if end of times comes, it shouldn't be easy. The measure of a person is all the shit they had to go through to get where they are. After Bush's administration, I know I can truly handle anything. That was the true test because I was prepared to give up citizenship if Republican conservative nut jobs continued in important offices. Well, that's the thing about end of world, it's like having a bad president. Worse come to worse, you just move on to the next land mass and look for your people and gather your necessaries and survive it. I think of end of world watchers and prophets are really just missing the really important thing. We don't know if there's anything after life, so dammit--live it while it's here! They almost seem disappointed it's not ending yet. Talk about glass half empty... Today, I had one more day than yesterday--and I used it wisely, so should they.

Above the Norm said...

Very good post and comment by Autumnforest. I have nothing more to add because you both said it so well.