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02 January 2010

Flying Humanoids: New Theory

I was reading a thread about Flying Humanoids over at the Monsterquest forum, when an idea struck me. I wonder if a helium-filled love doll would be buoyant enough to fly? You'd have to get one of the basic, no-frills models I'm sure. None of those fancy high-tech models with the vibrating er, crotch, poseable "action grip" hands, "live-action" mouth, or the super deluxe models that talk. (Huh? If I pay $300.00 for a "fake babe", I want one that'll shut up!) Just kidding, I'm not THAT horrible!
I thought about doing some experimentation, but I doubt the wife would be too keen on me procuring various inflatable partners in the name of scientific research.(especially the Sarah Palin model!)
Maybe someone out there will test this theory. In the meantime, keep watching the skies..."It's a bird! It's a plane! It''s...Asia Carerra!?"


Autumnforest said...

Burt--leave it to you! Yeah, actually, it's feasible that they could float, but the plastic outside would be pretty weighty compared to the volume of helium you could fill it with. If the doll was made out of mylar, that might work. I'm not sure where the Mexicans are getting their inflatable chicks because I doubt there's a lot of sex shops in Mexico City, but it's possible. I think the biggest problem would be that once they're inflated and if they could float, they wouldn't stand. They would be horizontal. I'm probably going to go with the theory of black trash bags. I've seen them caught in the winds and they do look very bizarre as they move through the sky. The only problem with that one is that the bags morph and move and these things seem to retain their shape. Keep looking up flying humanoid stuff. I'm very curious what's new in the sightings. This is one of my favorite discussions

Gummerfan said...

Maybe she'd float upright if you put some spike heeled shoes on her?
(okay, I'm thinking way too much about this!)

Above the Norm said...

LOL, I like your thinking.....and the heels just might work!