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23 January 2010

The Gummerfan Letters: Open Letter to Robert Bigelow

Robert Bigelow
Bigelow Aerospace
Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Bigelow,
I am an avid researcher in the fields of cryptozoology, anomalous phenomena, UFO's, "alien" contact, and numerous other topics. I have reserched and investigated these (and other) phenomena for over thirty years. It is my firm belief that many, if not all of these phenomena are related or interrelated.
Upon reading "Hunt For The Skinwalker" I have since done some research into your efforts to scientifically approach certain matters and subjects which fall into the category of the "Paranormal". I've learned of your efforts with NIDS, MUFON, the SIP project, and your involvement with other groups.
Based on this information I have arrived at an inescapable conclusion:
You need a full-time monster hunter. You need me. Rather than sending in teams of scientists after the fact, you need someone on the ground when an anomalous event occurs. There is an intelligence behind these happenings, an intelligence that watches and observes us just as we try to watch and observe it. It comes as no surprise that the approaches used in the past have produced little in the way of evidence or results. My research has led me to develop methods, approaches, and techniques will would be far more cost effective in terms of financial outlay vs results obtained. I have established numerous qualified contacts from a variety of backgrounds, qualifications, and disciplines whose contributions to the effort would undoubtedly prove fruitful.
You need a full-time field man who can be on the spot even before an event occurs, who can provoke or incite events to occur, and then deliver the data and evidence to your scientific team. Think of the relationship as a Thomas Magnum to your Robin Masters, an Archie Goodwin to your Nero Wolfe, a Brock Samson to your Dr. Venture.
I hereby offer to place myself on a two year retainer. My fee and expense terms may seem excessive at first glance, but in terms of investment vs results would be more than worth the cash outlay.
Since this communication is public, I won't disclose any details. I will state that some of my terms are more negotiable than others and I'm certain that we could come to mutually beneficial arrangement.
I know of your aversion to email and other electronic communication, and I respect your desire for privacy. You may contact me at:
General Delivery
Trinity, AL 35673
I await your reply.


Autumnforest said...

Oh, I like this very much! I get so sick of the inbreeding in the industry. Everyone keeps their information tightly held. BF hunters can't get UFO folks to talk and UFO folks can't get ghost people to talk. It's crazy. The fact is that where you have mining areas--you have UFOs, where you have UFOs, you have sightings of BF and ghosts and little strange alien-like creatures that hide out in caves. Someone has to take all this info and put it together to compare geology, weather, HAARP, UFO sightings, geomagnetic activity, and any other factors and come up with a viable theory. At one time, I wondered if geomagnetic activity (because it affects or dream state and even makes people on the edge mentally go overboard) could be causing hallucinations in some way, but honestly-why would we hallucinate the same things? More than likely, it activates a part of our brain that allows the use of a sense closer to psychic abilities than any other sense, where we can momentarily view things we weren't able to when that part of the mind is quiet. Exciting stuff! Go for it!

Gummerfan said...

Actually, Bigelow has a reputation for keeping a tight lid on his research. This leads the sceptics to believe he's not finding anything, and the cospiratorial minded to believe he's got a ton of evidence and discoveries stashed away like a private Area 51. In the unlikely event he takes me up on my offer, I'm sure there will be numerous Non-Disclosre agreements involved.

Autumnforest said...

If there isn't transparency (borrowing an Obama word), I'd be skeptical myself. There isn't any reason for someone to sit on info unless the gov't has gotten in the way, but then they'd probably shut down their voice altogether rather than get the gov't mad. You know that plausible deniability (I'm writing a post on it now)? Well, I think the US's has gotten so murky that no one contains info.