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04 January 2010

I Gotta Get Me One-a These!

Check out the video of the MPA "MAC"-style pistols and carbines in the potent 460 Rowland caliber:
30 rounds of magnum-level firepower in a (relatively)compact package, what more could a monster hunter ask for?
Since I've already got an MPA pistol in .45acp, I can get the upper conversion for around $145.00. Not bad at all. (the pricey ammo is another story!)
I'm not too keen on the carbine, though. The MAC carbines weigh just as much as most full-on battle rifles, so guess which I'd rather carry? But the pistol would be a nice companion, especially if it's registered as a SBR (short barrelled rifle) with a folding or collapseable stock and a red dot sight.
Just the ticket to pack in your boat for trips down the Altamaha or cruises on Loch Ness, or a comforting sidearm for a stroll down Bray or even Zombie Road!


Autumnforest said...

Or out here on the desert--it might be best for Tremors creatures!

Gummerfan said...

Not enough gun for a full grown Graboid (though a full magazine would get its attention!), but more than adequate for a herd of Shriekers or a flock(?) of Assblasters!