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13 January 2010

Sceptics At The Stanley Hotel

Here's an article from The Sceptical Inquirer covering a recent investigation at the (in)famous Stanley Hotel, one of the new Meccas for Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators.
It does raise some valid and interesting points. I have my own personal issues with "Ghost Hunters". I'll probably go into them later some time. They're just a few minor gripes and criticisms (not that I'm jumping on the TAPS-bashing bandwagon or anything) but the article does present some interesting facts and raise a few questions.
Read it if you wish, post counterarguments if you will, just remember, I didn't write it! :D


Autumnforest said...

Hey Burt;
It's a very difficult subject for most folks. Hell, I'm a ghost hunter and I'm not sold on humans having "souls" and haunting places. I have to get over that obstacle. I know as a highly logical and skeptical person who isn't a "believer" (to some ghost hunting is a religious practice), that I have experienced things that defy science and logic as I know it. It's the only reason a very logic-minded person like me chases this stuff. I want an explanation, even if it's in the world of science such as some kind of physics at work or another dimension or invisible intelligence or even if it is some sort of continuation of life in a new form. My problem is with both sides of the ghost hunting world. I roll my eyes at folks who talk about possession and think they understand that ghosts are trapped souls and need to go to the light...blah, blah, blah, but then I also don't jive with the skeptics because everything is explainable if you want it to be. Skeptics use "it was vibrations" like religious folks use "it's God's will." So, where are we? For me, somewhere in between. I have nothing spiritually or mentally at stake with whatever explanation it ends up being. I think all of it's cool. I just wanna know! I'm not popular with a lot of other hunters, which is why I usually go with a like-minded hunter, but I'm not out to tow someone else's line about what a ghost is. I'm looking for truth.

Courtney Mroch said...

What an excellent article, Gummer! I liked that she explained the table at the Stanley that GH said did, but I'm sure it had human help. It was a TOTALLY horrible angle and shame on them for saying it warranted inclusion as "real" evidence. The breaking glass was impressive, but I just KNEW there had to be a cause for it. The one she posed in the article is brilliant. But it's such a shame. Those guys are frauds. Yet, I'll still watch when new epis air in March...I'm a sucker. (but now it's becoming more fun to be a skeptic and try to debunk them,'s not without entertainment!) Good post!