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29 January 2010

UFO's And Bigfoot...Why?

Since I have yet to recieve a response from Robert Bigelow regarding my generous offer of my exclusive services, I've killed some time looking into some topics of interest. Here's a great post by the Blogsquatcher exploring the possibility of a Bigfoot/UFO connection. He raises some thought-provoking points. It can't be argued that there is some overlap between these two elusive mysteries. I'm still pondering the possibility of some kind of connection. However, I'm not comfortable with the practice of using one mystery to explain another. I once remarked that I keep hoping to find some kind of paranormal "Holy Grail", or maybe a "Rosetta Stone Of Weirdness", some kind of evidence that could lead to the unraveling of the great mysteries Our Time.
What possible connection could there be between hairy hominids and what we call "aliens"? I've heard and read a few, but so far none have passed my personal "smell test".
"Bigfoots serve the aliens". In what capacity? Like slaves? Servants? A lower life form (albeit one that exhibits intelligence) being controlled/exploited by a more advanced race? (now that's a scary thought, since the ufonauts seem to have some kind of interest in us!). One would hope that beings with such advanced technology and knowledge at their disposal would be more...advanced. The majority of us primative humans find slavery and involuntary servitude repugnant.
"Bigfoots are alien test animals". Again, not the kind of mentality I'd want to attribute to such supposedly advanced beings. If the ufonauts can travel through time and space, if they've been observing our wet little planet for millenia, surely by now they've gathered plenty of intel regarding our climate, atmosphere, gravity, resources and such. It shouldn't take that long for an alien to report to the captain that we've got us a Class M planet here. We mere humans stopped shooting animals into space decades ago. Even our Radio Shack probes & rovers can give us more data than Curious George ever could.
"Bigfoots are criminals/dangerous creatures exiled here by the aliens". I kinda like this one. Like doin' time on planet Earth is some kind of intergalactic work release program, or something akin to the Kryptonian Phantom Zone. If this is the case, then the Bigfoots are certainly racking up the good behaviour points. Other than some minor mischief, or accidently scaring the bejeebers out of the occasional hiker, Bigfoots appear to be model prisoners. If they were some kind of alien "offenders" forced into exile on our little rock, it appears they're more than eager to do their time and get back home. By and large, we don't bother them and they don't (intentionally) bother us.
The biggest problem with trying to figure out anything the little gray men do is: we must avoid the trap of anthropomorphism or projection. We don't know how aliens think, or what kind of moral code (if indeed any) they may follow. We only know how we as humans behave. And our thoughts, values, and feelings could well be totally alien to "them".
And Mr. Bigelow, my offer still stands!


Autumnforest said...

Great post! I love your "voice" when you write. I feel like I've known you forever. I like no-nonsense people who say it like it is--the highest respect from me. So far as BF and aliens go--my gut tells me it's something people have begun to correlate and may not be related at all. I think when you have folks more on alert, they'll notice more. It's like if I say, "I had a cancerous mole" and so now I'm freaking out about all my moles and every mole looks a little too crooked or dark or strange. Someone's trying to make a paranormal soup and throwing everything into the pot. It's become an urban legend now that the two go together. What I want to see is someone sit down and really figure out whether UFOs and BFs are truly seen on the same night in the same place. Besides, I live in the big old sprawling west where you can drive all day and never see a building. If I were a BF or a UFO, that's where I'd hide.

Gummerfan said...

I'm still unsure if there's a connection or not. But it can't be denied that in certain cases there are areas of high strangeness where these things overlap.

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