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13 January 2010

Vampiric Exasperation

Would you care to experience endless, sleepless nights, total frustration, and irritation to the point of near self-mutilation? Do you relish the thought of having to wade through mile after mile of hip-deep BS and utter crap in hope of finding ONE little tidbit of value? Do you thrill at the possibility of enduring disappointment after disappointment? Does the prospect of spending hour upon hour, day after day, night after night, searching, seeking, hunting, grasping for a needle in a hayfield excite you? Do you enjoy the challenge of looking for something that must be out there somewhere, but that tauntingly eludes your every grasp?
There are two ways to experience this particular "thrill":
1: You can start dating again (no, thanks!) and
B: Try to find accurate, historical, folkloric information on vampires on the internet!


Above the Norm said...

I completely understand the frustration. I haven't tried to find information on vampires but I have found troubles when researching other subjects. I do wish you luck and can't wait to read about the subject if you have the patience and time to continue your search.

Panademona said...

Your best bet is looking for academic journal articles. Unfortunately you usually have to pay a fee to view these!

Autumnforest said...

Burt, the Internet is hilarious, but there are good sources. I'd find the writers of some good vampire historic books and find their sites. They love to talk vampires.

Gummerfan said...

Yeah, you're both correst. I've got quite a few books (which I found thanks to bibliographies and citations from other books) but the online sources I've found thus far, with a few exceptions, just offewr rehashed stuff from fiction, literature, & movies, or even worse, the delusional babblings of those in the "real vampire community".
I've found a few good sources and made a couple of reliable contacts, but it's really a "tough row to hoe" as they say.