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04 February 2010

More On Sand Mountain

I've been doing some more research on the phenomena in the Sand Mountain, Alabama region. Found some truly fascinating stuff, it appears there's literally something for everyone!

UFO's And Cattle Mutilations

A quick search for UFO reports in the area will yield a true bounty of results. From one end of the mountain to the other, strange lights, formations, and low-flying triangular craft have been and continue to be reported. If you believe geology has something to do with such phenomena, Sand Mountain is composed primarily of sandstone,(duh!) with limestone outcroppings and deposits. Like most of Alabama, the clay soil is acidic and slightly loamy.
Cattle mutilations have been reported in the area since at least the 70's and still continue to this day (though not as heavily reported). No discussion of Sand Mountain UFO's & would be complete without mentioning the town of Fyffe, the "UFO Capital of Alabama". UFO's and cattle mutilations have been studied and featured in documentaries, tv shows, and books. Prominent investigators include Ted Oliphant and Linda Moulton Howe.

Black Helicopters

Cattle mutilations and black helicopters seem to go hand-in-hand. Is there a connection? I don't know. I personally doubt that the "Government" is behind the mutilations. If the government, military, or other federal agency needs to experiment or test cattle, it would be way more cost-effective o just buy some cattle and test away. It's a lot cheaper than organizing and conducting multiple covert ops just to get a few bovine rectums.
But, yes, there are multiple reports of those unmarked black helicopters flying over and around Sand Mountain. Could they be looking for meth labs in the forests? Marijuana fields? Moonshiners? Or is there something more nefarious afoot?

Bigfoot (or Bighand?) and Big Bird

It's no surprise to Bigfoot researchers that Sand Mountain is also home to Bigfoot reports. Members of the Souteastern Crypto Society have conducted investigations in the area and report vocalizations around Weiss Lake in DeKalb County, as well as the discovery of a handprint that "looked like a huge gorilla paw" in the Albertville/Boaz area.
And big things aren't confined to the ground, either. In his book Mothman and Other Curious Creatures, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman recounts a report of a "Thunderbird" sighting in the town of Oneonta. The sighting took place in the 70's (hmmm, the 70's again...) the witness described the bird as having a wingspan of about 15 feet, the wings approximately 4 feet wide, and the bird's body was "bigger than his own body".
I also ran across an internet report that in the 1950's, multiple witnesses in the city of Gadsden saw a "sea serpent" swimming along the Coosa River. (elswhere on my blog I posted a link to a newspaper story describing a "river monster" that was killed on an island in...the Coosa River!). And I won't even get into the Giant Catfish!
To the "flesh-n-blood" school of Cryptozoology, these accounts of land, water, and airborne cryptids are tantalizing enough. If, like me, you believe such creatures originate "somewhere else"...
Stay tuned, it gets even weirder!


Autumnforest said...

Oh, Burt! You're such a tease. Now I want to know more! Fantastic research. You seem to have an ideal set of geology and waterways and wilderness to create a good breeding ground for "weirdness." It's weird how these things cluster. We're not talking about new age sandal-wearing tree-hugging eco-weenie types who might be smoking a joint and seeing all kinds of weird shit. We're talking about rather conservative and shy southern types. If they're reporting it, it's gotta be distressing. They're usually rather stoic. So, why? Any theories? The cattle thing and alien abduction thing--I always had a theory it was time travel--our future people (isn't that how computer geeks would like 1000 years from now?) would travel back for DNA from cattle and humans for their own survival or perhaps to do something to stop our evolution the way it turns out... It makes more sense than the gov't. I agree with you--they can certainly hide a cattle farm in the Nevada desert for that. Could all these things show up together because it involves a portal in which strange things come through and then leave? Could they be shapeshifters so where you see a thunderbird you see a sea monster or a BF? Well, it's real puzzling, but I suspect you won't let it go--don't! I hope when the weather warms up you can make a run over there and have yourself a little look-see.

Howard said...

I found this site while searching for anything online about the Sand Mountain Monster. About every three years, there is a report somewhere around Fyffe or Geraldine that a huge dragon-type animal was spotted swallowing a cow before disappearing back into the caves. If you search long enough through the local papers, you are bound to run across at least one reference. It appears to be like the Loch Ness monster--those who live nearby take it for granted.

Gummerfan said...

Awesome! I must say that's a new one on me! Thanks for the heads-up!