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10 February 2010

Werewolves Of...Georgia?

Here's a (rather longish) account that was posted on the Monsterquest board. The poster/witness goes by the username "Potninja" from Ackworth, GA. With his permission, I'll do a quick copy/paste job, with no edits or outside opinions.Just thought some of you may find it interesting:

Okay, so the first sighting was in October of 2008. I live in Kellogg Creek, in Acworth GA. You could look it up on Google earth to get a better idea of the events. Me and my friend Justin were in the woods messing with fireworks when it started to get dark. Justin thought he heard the leaves crunch and we both started feeling really uneasy. All of the sudden, I hear Justin run up from behind me screaming "RUN, RUN NOW!" I did just that and on the way out I heard something following behind us. We made it back up to my house with no other problems. However, when we went inside, my dog started going psychotic at something in the back yard. Hershey had never bared her teeth or growled before up to that point. Justin later described seeing the backlighted silhouette of something very large and lithe that stood on its hind legs. I know what you're thinking, that it was a bear or a person. I am and artist, and have researched the bone, muscle, and outward structure of bears, humans and wolves alike. The form Justin described to me was not that of a bear or a man, but for all the world sounded like a mixture of human and wolf anatomy. I'm crazy, right? I sure hope not. Now, that was the event that started all this insanity in my neighborhood. Thing is, it got worse. No more than a week later, Justin and I were walking down that same street by the creek (we used to live in the same neighborhood), but didn't go in. Just like before, we began to hear noises coming from the woods, except this time they were on the opposite side of the road. We walked back up the road until we got back to his house. As we approached, Justin saw something large jumping from tree to tree in the woods behind his house. He then heard it land in his back yard, which sent us into adrenaline mode. The door to his house was locked, so on the count of three we sprinted as fast as we could up the road to my house. A few moments later I went outside to check if anything followed us. My suspicion was answered with the sounds something walking around in the back yard of our recently moved neighbors. Whatever it was bipedal, and not human. The next occurrence was a few days later. We were at Justin's house playing Halo, having a good time and talking about random things. Having heard a few noises earlier we were a bit on edge, considering the previous events. God as my witness, I saw something race by his porch window, barely making a sound. A seven foot tall blur of brownish fur. I looked at Justin and the look on his face told me his feelings. "What do you want to do?" I said. "I don't know," he replied. We sat there for a while, pondering about what would be the best option. We figured we would run to my house as fast as possible. We got our things, turned off the TV and the XBox, and headed out the door. While I was looking around the shadows, half-expecting to see a snarling beast, Justin realized I had forgot to turn off the kitchen light. This is the scariest part. When he went back inside, in the window were two reflective irises and a lupine muzzle, lips pulled back to reveal glinting canines and incisors. I believe this was the point we started to truly believe it was a werewolf. The window he saw it in was on the second story. There were even scratches on the windowsill where its claws had been. If you haven't stopped reading by now, I'd take a break, because there is a lot more to go. In lew of all these sightings, I decided to take public safety into account. I made about ten flyers warning people about a strange creature that was roaming the neighborhood. They had my phone number and a description of the "Beast", as we'd come to call it. Of course first came the pranksters, calling and leaving messages saying that I was gay or crazy, normal delinquent stuff from a few of the other teens in the area. The first legitimate call came from some lady who said she had pictures of a strange creature, I guess on her property or something. She gave me an email address which I never got a reply from, and her number, which I never got around to calling. That part was unfortunate, but the next call gave me the creeps. I spent that weekend at Justin's mom's house. At roughly 1:00 AM, I got a strange call from a kid about my age, 16 or 17, with some disturbing information. He told me that he and his friend were driving down Kellogg at about 35 MPH when something began sprinting alongside their car. I say sprinting, because it was literally sprinting on two legs on the side of the road. It kept up with them for a while and I assume darted off into the woods somewhere. He said that his friend who lives in Kellogg found one of my flyers and told him about it, but that neither of them had believed it until they saw that. The way he described it spooked me. He said it was bulky in the upper body, with skinnier legs. This makes me think of canines sort of barrel-chested ribcage, and the digitigrade legs could be mistaken for the skinny-ness. It wasn't a prank, given the time of night and the tone in his voice. He sounded really scared, like he wasn't trying to act. I then attempted to go back to sleep. The sightings cooled down for a while after that. The following year in August, Justin and I were out walking at about 5:00 AM and the characteristic mournful howl erupted from the trails behind a line of houses. That same month, me, Justin, and our friend Alexander went down to the creek at 3:00 AM. It was raining and we shot off a few fireworks and tried to light a firecracker we made ourselves. It flashed and shot sparks but didn't explode. Just when we were about to leave, Justin and Alex saw something in the woods to our right. It began moving and we freaked and ran back to Justin's house before going back to mine. Then in September, during that flood craziness (after the flooding stopped, of course), we went to the creek at two or three AM. We stayed for a couple of hours shooting bottle rockets into the ground. While we were doing this, a loud snap erupted from across the woods. Something knocked over a tree. It didn't just fall over, because there was no creaking before it snapped. Anyway, that scared the crud out of us so we left. On the way up I kept hearing something to the left of us, following us. And now the climax of the story. We came around the street corner and began walking up the road to my house. To the left of us, the same side I kept hearing noises from, was a house. Alex kept looking over there, thinking that he saw something, but he wasn't sure. Those people have statues in their lawn, and those used to scare us all the time. He thought it was just another statue, until it lifted its head up and howled before loping after us. We ran, cussing in fear all the way up the road. The thing jumped up into a tree and actually shook all the water out of it, which we mistook at the time for rain. As we neared my house, it howled again before finally giving up. That was the latest sighting in the string of sightings that has been occurring in this place. We have learned of a few accounts other than ours since that first chilly night. Justin's dad and stepmother saw something in the back yard once. They shined a flashlight on it and its eyes shone reflectively. My uncle was driving down Arnold Mill road and saw a seven foot tall, muscular hairy thing on the side of the road. My friend Randy Webb was told by his brother's friend of a 200 pound thing that ran through his yard. He too lives in the area around lake Allatoona, the general area the sightings occur around. I have been researching and drawing werewolves since that first fateful happening. It's all very hush-hush, but there seems to be a general consensus among artists of what werewolves look like. For reference look up "Goldenwolf's definition of a werewolf". It explains the physics of it rather well. From what I can gather, they are regular people, just like you and me. If it is true, that means they have kept their secret since the beginning of man, and I do not intend to ruin that. I simply seek information. In other words, your best friend could be a werewolf, and you would never know about it. In fact, it seems some people actually go out and purposely get bitten. If this is possible, I would like to know how. As strange as it sounds, I wish learn everything I can about them and their amazing abilities. I again apologize for the length. I hope this adequately explains everything. Feel free to ask anything else.

On a follow-up, the OP said there have been other sightings/sounds since then into 2009, but none so far this year.


Autumnforest said...

That's a super chilling account. I don't know what to make of it. I've always understood man seeing Bigfoot--something humanoid/ape like, but when man sees dog/men--it's pretty unusual. There's no reason to put the two together unless people were seeing something that appears that way. I find it exciting. Werewolves and Bigfoot are my favorite creatures!

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog, I've got a few photos and a new sighting. It also has a somewhat revised version of the story.