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12 March 2010

Monsterquest, SIP, & Robert Bigelow

First up, let me explain that I'm posting from the "Business Center" of a hotel. The tequila, rum, and caffeine currently flowing through my veins is of a lower quality that I'm accustomed to at home (but hey, it's free!). Plus, this area is designated "Non-Smoking" (damned nazis!) and I'm sure that if I leave this terminal to grab a smoke, some Twitterhead will grab it and my valialant posting efforts will be in vain. So, forgive me if this particular post isn't up to my usual standards (low though they be!).
Anyway, last night on "Monsterquest"'s episode concerning the "Lizard Man", aka "The Flatwoods Monster" (actually, I thought the episode would be about the Scrape Ore Lizardman, so many monsters, so little time!) I couldn't help but notice that one of the investigators was sporting a "MUFON/ STAR Impact Project" patch. For those who don't know, the Star Impact Project (SIP) is an element of MUFON. You can learn all about it at the official site.
Basically, the SIP is a division of MUFON that is funded by none other than Robert Bigelow of "Skinwalker Ranch"/NIDS fame. The same Robert Bigelow who has yet to respond to my generous offer posted elsewhere on this blog.
As I read through the hype and hyperbole concerning the "SIP", I can't help but chuckle to myself as I recall the monumental clusterf#*k Bigelow and the NIDS team made of the Skinwalker Ranch investigation. It seems that Bigelow and company have yet to realize that they, that indeed WE, are dealing with an "intelligence". Once the "intelligence" is tipped off or realizes that it's being observed and studied, it may screw around a little bit, but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING of any value to current science will be discovered. The SIP team's purpose is to rush to the scene of a UFO event (after the fact, of course!), play around with some scientific equipment (y'know, to investigate something beyond current science)(huh?) and in general feel superior to other investigators and researchers because, well, they've got more money and fancier toys.
Don't get me wrong. I mean hey, it's Mister Bigelow's money. If he chooses to continue to throw funds at organizations whose practice of tactical self-fornication has become legend, that's his business. If he ever decides to get serious and quit playing around, if he decides to adopt a strategy designed and intended to produce something, then hey, the name's "Gummerfan", and I'm easy to contact.
You can't investigate the unconventional using conventional methods. You'd think they would've learned that from Utah.


Autumnforest said...

Okay, my friend, now you have to let us know how you would conduct an investigation of this thing. I'm curious what creative method you might have. I am in total agreement with what you summed up there. In the ghost hunting world, it's absolutely barbaric that we run around with EMF meters and thermometers. In the past we tried the spiritualists methods, today we use modern day electrician's equipment. Sometimes, you have to look at what commonalities there were in these witness's encounters. Why did it show itself to them specifically? Then, create a bait.

Gummerfan said...

Good question (and an idea for another post, which is nice, 'cause I've had a bit of a dry spell lately!)
You're dead on about the idea of "bait", though. I've often said, "You don't find Bigfoot, Bigfoot finds YOU." This can apply to other areas of Paranormal or Anomaly Research as well.
I had an idea for a piece of "GH"-style hardware. Have you seen those "frequency grabbers"? Basically, it's a reciever that scans a broad band of rf fields and displays any active frequencies. I just wonder if ghost or other paranormal activity could produce a capturable pattern of frequency disturbances? Similar to the "ghost box", but instead of capturing random words, it searches for activity on radio frequencies. Don't know if it would produce any evidence or not though.