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20 March 2010

Nuts And Bolts And NIDS, Oh My!

"A false belief can be proved false. It is corrigible. ...But a delusion is incorrigible. No amount of reason, persuasion, and sensory evidence can convince paranoiacs that they are deluded. On the contrary, everything that happens seems to support the delusion." - Richard Harpur -

"My shrink said I was paranoid, THEY must have gotten to him..." - Gummerfan -

"...there are situations in which it (science) is useless, because it assumes that the phenomena that are fed into it are natural and spontaneous. If something bigger or smarter than the ordinary human mind is around, if some clever deceivers use it to feed us phenomena that have been designed to fool us...then a "scientific" investigation will be useless." - Jacques Vallee -

Okay, maybe I am paranoid. I mean, I don't go looking for stuff, but somehow I just sort of stumble onto it. Case in point: the whole UFO/Robert Bigelow thing. As I've said before, I have no quarrel whatsoever with Mr. Bigelow. I applaud his efforts to examine and investigate, at great personal expense, such things as UFOs and the (in)famous "Skinwalker Ranch" phenomena. Granted, I disagree with some of the approaches and methods, but I acknowledges his efforts, anyway.
Along with Richard Harpur's "Daimonic Reality", in which he expresses his doubts that UFOs are actually alien spacecraft from a distant planet, I've recently read Jacque Vallee's revolutionary work, "Messengers Of Deception". I also found a downloadable edition of the classic (and hard to find!) "Passport To Magonia". I haven't begun reading it yet. Frankly, I don't look forward to the prospect of reading an entire book on my monitor. My tired eyes are strained enough from closely watching Rachael Ray cook while waiting for a wardrobe malfunction. It's inevitable, I'm certain that some day, she's gonna lean just a little too far over that oven and pop out of her top, When that great and wonderful day comes, I simply cannot afford to miss it. I WILL be there! Semper Vigilans! But I digress,,,
Like Harpur (and me), Vallee doubts (to the point of dismissal) the prevailing belief that UFOs are alien spacecraft. I began to question this one sleepless night. I asked myself, "Just what evidence do we have to support the belief?" After much thought and research, I realized that the answer is: "None whatsoever." Sure, there are the reports of "abductees", but how reliable is that evidence? Invariably, the planets of origin revealed to the abductees are demonstrably uninhabitable. Remember when they were Martians? Venusians? Uranians? Denizens of an unknown planet "always hidden by the sun"? The "star maps" provided to the abductees thus far have proven to be nothing more than astronomical gibberish. The "messages" unremarkable, no cures for diseases, no free energy sources, no "meaning of life".
I was surprised to learn that, given his dismissal of the "ET" hypothesis, Vallee has worked closely with Mr. Bigelow, NIDS, and MUFON, all of whom are known for their "nuts-n-bolts", "space alien" stance. So, (sigh!) a little more digging was in order.
While Vallee never answers the question of just what UFOs are (that's what the "U" stands for, afterall), "Messengers..." concentrates instead on the effect the UFO/abductee phenomena have on society. He stresses that the UFO phenomenon is being used to bring about a desired societal change. A means of manipulation.
Get out the tinfoil, folks!

"Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that one or several groups of men had in fact learned to control some physical process by means that ordinary experience would call "magical"....Suppose it had developed a way to project scenes at a distance, to control and amplify psychokinetic abilities of human subjects, or to create entities similar to the "tulpas" of Tibetan folklore...Nazi Germany had several scientific research institutes working along these lines...and two modern nations at least-the Soviet Union and the United States- are known to be pursuing aggressive programs of research on similar subjects. The funding that is required in this area is so small that many private organizations, and even independently wealthy persons, could sponsor very significant research whose results may yield unpredictable breakthroughs. (italics mine-G) Have such breakthroughs already taken place? And are UFOs the result of their application?
Such a group could...try to manipulate public opinion for its own ends."

Some in the UFO community have expressed concern over Mr. Bigelow's agreement with the FAA giving him exclusive access to UFO reports, and his apparent secretiveness with same. Some in the community are of the opinion that Bigelow Aerospace, through its funding of MUFON and the Star Impact Project response teams, is seeking to obtain exclusive rights to any trcovered "alien technology" or "advanced propulsion systems". Sort of a capitalist version of the Area 51 reverse engineering.
Maybe, maybe not. With the inclusion of Vallee on the team, considering his background and theory of UFOs as a means of manipulation and societal control, maybe they're wrong. I hope they're right.


Autumnforest said...

You're fixated on Rachael Ray's tata's? Hmmm... I didn't realize she had any??? I just make fun of her because she's a godawful cook. None of her recipes are worth shit. But, cooking aside, I like your discussion, Burt. I refer to ghost hunting, but it's the same thing. Everyone thinks they know what a ghost is and how they're stuck here or have unfinished business and need to go to the light, died tragically or too fast to know they're dead. Horse shit! We don't even know if spirits have a thing to do with phenomenon. To assume UFOs are surely from other planets is the same horse shit. We need fresh eyes and new ways of looking at things. My thought on it is that if UFOs truly are from other civilizations, then we're looking at them the wrong way. Everyone assumes that since they're barely seen or photographed, they're trying to be incognito. Horse shit. If they could blast their asses across the universe (or through a wormhole or time itself) they can certainly cloak--Geez-louise! Consider if we flew to another planet and saw some kind of microbes wandering around the ground--would we seriously be hiding behind clouds or trying to zoom out of sight before they see us? No! We wouldn't care if the microbes saw us--what the hell threat are they? So, (huge jump in my imagination) if UFOs are from other planets they're not seriously caring of us one way or the other. We're nothing more than a scenic overlook on their vacation getaway. We think we're way more important than we are. I'm not, however, convinced UFOs are otherworldly. I agree with the concept of the govt working vigorously on the mind thing--good psychics have to have shown them by now what we know-that it blasted works and it's scarier than anyone can imagine to be able to know things and will things. So, why not harness it? I love this discussion. You always put such a good turn on things--I know I'm going to hear it all.

Gummerfan said...

Funny you mention cloaking, or maybe stealth. Vallee's position is that UFO witnesses are seeing precisely what they are meant to see. In fact, many sighings appear to be "staged". Like these super-sophisticated craft crash, or require maintenence, or seem to have a lot of "engine trouble" (smoking, spitting out bits of metal or sparks?).
And regarding Rachael's boobs, you just don't understand, they...taunt me.

Autumnforest said...

You know, I'd be much more apt to believe that. The question is--are we doing this to ourselves or is another culture doing it? I'm always intrigued by the times and ways people see UFOs. The last one I saw, I saw with my family and it was moving along on a very purposeful path, no faster than a plane. Clear day. Makes you wonder. I know people like to think the govt is f-ing with us, and yeah, they're pretty good at that, but I truly think that if they did this, it would be to test how we'd handle when the real thing comes. Like the Phoenix lights-that was ridiculously ballsy. It just had to be a test. I think Phoenicians handled it well. Everyone seems to feel the same thing--they felt in awe of things amazing event and sharing it. Honestly, if aliens did come and they did study us, they don't seem anxious to clear the planet and enjoy our water and food. On a funnier note--that you made that mention about RR made me laugh because my friend has gotten all into my weird pictures I use on my blog and how I show only glimpses of me and so we took some more shots and one of them...well, I should email it to you. It'll make you laugh because she was bugging me just today to change my picture to this one and I said--I don't think that's what I want to say about me--besides when it's made small for your comment sections--it would look very weird. Hee hee :-) p.s. Great conversation--you always are so good at striking up fun subjects.